Town Councillor helps form residents’ association to address local issues

Anti-Porn Protest at The Coppice

A Bradley Stoke Town Councillor is helping Bradley Stoke residents form an association to address local issues.

Conservative Cllr Ben Walker contacted residents of The Coppice after reading about their anti-porn demonstration in February, directed at film producer James Edwards, who operates a sex film studio from his property in the quiet cul-de-sac.

Now he is encouraging residents from the wider area of Sherbourne Avenue, Brake Close, The Dell and The Coppice to form an association “to discuss local issues … in a forum with direct access to the police, local community group and the council”.

Cllr Walker told The Journal:

“Having heard of the issues being faced by residents of The Coppice, in the Lakeside parish ward which I represent, I decided to bring together the views of all residents in the neighbouring streets by way of the formation of a residents’ association. The idea is to create a situation where one voice represents the residents in this locaIity to help deal with issues directly affecting them in a structured manner and also giving them direct access to all different types of organisations serving the community in their very own forum designed by them with my support. It will also help create some much needed positive press for the area which has suffered in recent times from an abundance of negative coverage.”

A group of supporters is currently delivering 500 copies of an invitation letter to homes in the area and an inaugural meeting is expected to be held in the next few weeks.

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