Traffic control introduced as work starts on Brook Way mini-roundabout improvements

Work aimed at reducing the number of accidents at a Bradley Stoke mini-roundabout has begun this week.

The roundabout at the junction of Brook Way and Braydon Avenue has seen four personal injury accidents within the space of three years (2005 – 2007), according to South Gloucestershire Council.

The Council says it is implementing the following changes at the junction:

In order to improve visibility for vehicles at the give-way lines, the size of the circulatory carriageway wil be reduced by moving the give-way lines forward.

In order to prevent turning manoeuvres being taken at inappropriate speeds, build-outs will be installed to reduce the turning radius.

The originally proposed scheme was amended after public consultation to include a cycle by-pass for cyclists travelling north to south on Brook Way.

Three way traffic control was in operation at the site yesterday (Wednesday), leading to delays of several minutes for traffic travelling in all directions.

The Council estimates that the work will be completed by Friday 3rd April.

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