Big turnout for Jubilee Play Park opening

Jubilee Park Grand Opening

Scores of families and children turned out this afternoon to see Mayor Mark Forsyth officially open the new Jubilee Green Park at Savages Wood Road, Bradley Stoke.

The adventure playground has been under construction since May and there was doubt that it could be completed in time for today’s grand opening.

Workmen were still clearing away equipment and fencing just minutes before the opening, but everything was tidied away in time for the Mayor to cut the ribbon just after the scheduled time of 4:30pm.

A stream of excited children then rushed into the play park to explore the various slides, exercise stations and sand pits that make up the new facility.

Jubilee Park Grand Opening

The Mayor paid tribute to the people involved in designing and promoting the park, including Alison Brown of South Gloucestershire Council, Winsome Barrett-Muir of Southern Brooks Community Partnership and Michelle Dent of the Friends of Jubilee Green.

Jubilee Park Grand OpeningJubilee Park Grand OpeningJubilee Park Grand Opening

Visitors were treated to free drinks generously supplied by the Aztec Hotel & Spa and free cakes generously supplied by Tesco Express.

Lots more photos of the opening day: album; slideshow (PicasaWeb)

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  1. this park cant be finished? theirs not anything there. the mud and truf is a mess. hope it will be improved and not rushed

  2. everyone is saying the same. will there be more equitment put in because it looks like a building site and unfinished???????

  3. What a dissappointment, was round there today, park is now officially closed and reopening on Friday, what was the point of it opening at all if it was finished?

  4. Susan et al.

    From what I understand, there is still at least another week’s work to be done including laying the rubber flooring, putting in the rest of the play equipment and landscaping/planting. Unfortunately, the council set an opening date too early and decided that once they had printed the flyers etc. they would go ahead with an official opening anyway and then finish it off.
    The sand is a temporary feature until the proper flooring is put down.
    The turf looks a bit hastily laid though…

  5. Following last Friday’s official opening, the Jubilee Green Play Area has been temporarily closed to allow completion of the site. Due to the recent wet weather the contractor experienced delays during the building process and was unable to install all the equipment in time for the opening ceremony. However as a lot of hard work, mainly on the part of the Friends Group, had already gone in to organising and publicising the opening ceremony it was decided that it was better to go ahead with the celebrations as planned. The Town Council is very pleased with the large turnout on the day and positive feedback received so far and it is hoped that the site will be completed and reopened in time for the weekend.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and hope everyone will agree its worth it in the end. Anyone interested in helping shape future development of the green should contact the friends group for details of how to get involved.

    Bradley Stoke Town Council – 28/7/09

  6. Following the incredibly popular opening of the park we are sure many people were disappointed when the park had to be temporarily closed to allow the safe installation of the last few pieces of equipment. The opening on the 24th July went ahead as it would have been an impossible task to publicise a last minute postponement of the opening and move the companies and groups that had generously provided their time, crafts and refreshments for free.

    Friends of Jubilee Green is an independent group of volunteers and we are looking for more members to join us in shaping the future development of this park. Please visit our website or e-mail

  7. Hi the park is excellent but the liter is going everywhere because the bins are filled pretty quicky and no one is empty them. So i am end up picking the rubbush up so my daugther doesn’t pick it up. Please can some inform the right people to empty the bins it is a shame that’s what lets it down!!!!

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