Parking fines introduced at the Willow Brook Centre

Willow Brook Centre No Parking SignA private enforcement company has been brought in to combat unauthorised parking around the edge of the Tesco petrol filling station at Bradley Stoke’s Willow Brook Centre.

Notices threatening rogue motorists with a penalty charge of £70 have been erected around the area. The signs bear the name of South West Parking Solutions, a Cheltenham company.

A reporter from The Journal witnessed an official taking several photos of a car parked in the area before securing a penalty notice behind the windscreen wiper of the vehicle. One further car was also seen to have a notice attached.

Willow Brook Centre Manager Scott Lahive told The Journal:

Willow Brook Centre Parking Penalty Notice

“The restriction have been introduced due to the high level of illegal parking we have experienced in this area. The area had been clearly lined as a loading/delivery bay since opening.”

“Earlier in the year the road markings were also extended and made even more prominent however abuse persists. Parking in this area has an operational effect on the centre as this section is for centre deliveries and fuel deliveries.”

“This hasn’t been a decision we have taken lightly and we have trialed other options before commencing with parking penalties, however the situation has got progressively worse and we are left with no other option.”

Willow Brook Centre Line Painting

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  1. Perhaps if the Centre had been designed and planned properly people would not have to drive an extra half a mile just to pop into Tesco’s. My advice is not to pay these tickets.

  2. These fines are illegal. Extortionate charges which are ridiculous. It is a civil matter, let them take you to court they are meaningless fines. I have lost all faith in the willow brook centre employing these cowboys, they are the new clampers. A scam and nothing more.

  3. If you park legally, then what is the problem. They are only targetting people who park illegally on the marked lines. There are signs saying you will be fined for parking there.

    If you too lazy to drive a few more meters round the corner, then you deserve the fine.

    I say it was about time the Willow Brook clamped down on the amount of bad parking that goes on in the car park.

  4. I have received a penalty ticket for parking at the centre, i saw the signs and took a chance. The ticket was reduced as i paid within 14 days. Dom i can’t see how you can call a £35 fine extortionate??

  5. Well done for paying Richard. But I hate to tell you that these fines aren’t legally enforcable. Take it from one who knows. But if you feel morally obliged to pay these cowboys then go ahead.

  6. agree with J above – the number of people abusing the disabled and parent and child spaces is amazing. its not like there is a shortage of spaces. Maybe a way round this is to create a short stay area for people who are literally popping in to a shop for 10 mins?

  7. I have a young child so am in a position to comment. There are frankly too many child and parent and disabled spaces. The sheer volume of disabled spaces is ridiculous. Also parent and child spaces don’t need to be nearer the door so why have them. I am perfectly happy to walk a little further with my child in a push chair. I am afraid that this is an example of political correctness gone mad. Millions of disabled spaces just to show that we are ‘diverse’.
    The design of the place is ridiculous which is why people park in the forecourt area because it is where the car park should be!

  8. That’s the problem in Bradley Stoke – people think just because they have a car they can just abandon it anywhere – pavements, outside schools, loading zones, even the pick-up points outside the Tesco.

    There is plenty of parking at the Centre and it’s not that far to walk to the shop. Stop being so lazy.

    I applaud the Centre for ticketing these people. Now if only they could figure out how to clear out the rest of the streets in BS.

  9. I see the clamper is still going about his business taking money from families with young children. It is so wrong I don’t even know what to say anymore, what has happened to this country. Private companies issuing fines where they see fit and charging as much as they like. This is a disgrace.

  10. Don’t want a ticket? Don’t park illegally.

    If you get a ticket, you’re probably too thick to be in charge of a 3,000lb piece of machinery.

  11. Thats a very sweeping statement anon, and I don’t feel it it is entirely consistent with your previous politically correct comments.

    One example may be the vehicle abandoned by somebody who becomes too ill to drive and is forced to abandon the vehicle. Or how about someone who sees that on the road surface it actually says: ‘drop off point.’ Now that is a little contradictory isn’t it. Drop off point, and then no parking all written in the same place? That would be interesting in court. One could talk for hours about the exact definition of a drop off point, and the confusion that may arise in the mind of a motorist trying to decide which sign to believe.

    So, in summary, not all people who get parking fines are ‘thick’ anon, and secondly these fines aren’t worth the paper they are written on I’m afraid!!

  12. All i can say Dom, if you wish to carry on parking there, then do. Just expect to attend court when you don’t pay the fine. You shouldn’t be parking on the marked zone and there are plenty of “No Parking” signs.

    The marked zone is clearly marked out. If you can’t see this, then I agree with Anon. You shouldn’t really be in charge of any vehicle.

    It is illegal to park on marked zone on the road, why is a car park any different?

    As you said in an earlier message. You don’t mind walking the extra distance. So you have plenty of parking in the car park with only a short distance to walk to the shops.

  13. Its not just bad parking, its the speed that people go when driving round the car park, especially in front of the row of shops. It won’t be long before someone is knocked over. The drivers treat it like a proper road and carry on at 30 miles an hour. Something should be done to enforce the speed limit.


  14. J,
    unfortunately you are in correct in your assumption that motorists issued with these fines will be taken to court. Look up the facts, There has never been a successful case won by the private parking firms in court. All the motorist needs to do is ignore all correspondance and they will give up. They will send out red letters and all the rest threatening court action and costs. However they have no power to add court costs and this is just an idle threat. They are a private firm and simply do not have this power, it is a civil matter.

    Why is a car park any different? you ask J. Well unfortunately you appear to be lacking in knowledge of this area too. A car park is private land. Therefore no police, traffic warden or pcso fines – just these private swindlers. Now ignoring a REAL fine from the police traffic warden or pcso I would not advise as they will take you to court and you may incur costs. Their threats are genuine unlike these private firms.

    I include a link explaining all for any other concerned motorists who feel they have been ripped off here. STAND UP TO THESE PEOPLE PLEASE THEY ARE THE NEW CLAMPERS!!

  15. Call me paranoid but I get the funny feeling its only me and jim on here who don’t have a business interest of some kind in the centre -judging by the responses!!


  17. Dom,
    I know the area very well, as I’m at the centre 2 or 3 times a week. I don’t work for any of the shops or the centre.

    I feel that if you park in the “No Parking” section next to the petrol station, your just being lazy.

    They have marked it off for a reason. They have marked that section off for the petrol tankers (so they have enough room to move round). If the petrol tanker can’t get into its spot, it drives off without leaving the petrol(leaving none for public to buy) and apparently Tesco’s gets fined.

    Not fussed about Tescos getting fined. They can afford it. Just who will be the first to complain when they can’t get petrol? The people who park in the “No Parking” space, cos it means they may have to walk further. As they can’t be bothered to walk from a space in the car park.

  18. I do agree that people shouldn’t park their. I have only parked there once a very late night, was about 12am. But I won’t now because I understand that its for the small shops deliveries and for the petrol tanker to have safe access around the forecourt.

    The tanker for safety reasons needs a clear line of sight to and from the refilling pipes just in case anything happens.

    As for being fined, I’m not a solicitor but have studied Law and I think because its private land and its clearly marked “no parking” you can get fined or clamped.

    You would have to be pretty dam lazy not to just drive around and park where everyone else does.

  19. Guys,

    the area you state says ‘no parking’ also says ‘drop off point’ as well. So if it is a no parking area why does it not JUST say ‘no parking’. Why confuse the issue by writing clearly drop off point all over the road as well? Now I’m no quantum physicist, but drop off point to me means an area where you can park up to drop something or someone off, thus you can ‘park’ there. Therefore to write ‘no parking’ as well is contradictory.


    First thing they do if you do not pay is write to the dvla and obtain the registered keeper details of the owner. This costs them a couple of quid, but is legal – basically a money making idea for the dvla. Then they will contact the registered keeper to request the name of the driver on that date. However….THE OWNER HAS NO LEGAL OBLIGATION UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES TO PROVIDE THE NAME OF THE DRIVER TO THESE COWBOYS! If these were council or police issued tickets its a different story, there is then a legal requirement to name the driver.

    Without the name of the driver, and if you continue to ignore them they will always eventually give up because they would now have to take you to court…something they won’t do because they will lose. SEE my link above for fuller details on why they cannot win in court.

  20. Dom I completely understand where you are coming from. The words “drop off point” should be removed. However I think the point is that the fines will put people off from parking there; whether or not its not legally enforceable.

    If it was up to me id be clamping them and causing inconvenience of getting it removed. That would be a more effective method of stopping people.

  21. Perhaps the centre management could consider moving the painted words ‘drop off point’. With regards clamping I think the only reason they are not already doing that is because they would have vehicles abandoned in the area thus causing even more inconvenience.

    It is a shame that the centre management has decided to impose such expensive fines here because I think anyone would think a thirty pound fine reasonable. Such a heavy fine under the current economic climate is simply arrogance on the part of big business. The people parking there aren’t doing so because they want to annoy the centre, they just want to buy things with their hard earned cash.

    For all the planning and supposed consultation with residents that went into the centre, why could they not even put a car park in a sensible place? The disign of the centre beggars belief. The shops there are all very depressing, no independant small businesses – mainly because they are charging extortionate rates to even hire the small stalls. (a common theme here I think – take take take). How about local residents fine the centre for the filthy litter that is blowing about all the streets now….let me think….an appropriate fine for the inconvenience of the residents having to collect litter from outside their addresses…..gotta be at least £70!

  22. just this morning got a ticket and like dom says i know its not worth the paper its written on, so swps will be getting zilch off me, ruddy upstarts, oh and thx tesco’s, think i might wanna see more off sainsburys as off now.

  23. well see you there jen!!!…hehe.

    on a serious note, tesco’s should really do something about this or could lose custom, though i suppose they dont care too much for the odd customer or two.

  24. Lets get this straight, the centre is not run or funded by any sort of public money. It is a business and home to many busineses. The land is privately owned and noone is forced to go there.
    If you choose to go there you choose to obey the rules they set. If it says no parking or it says yummy mummy’s only or whatever if you’re not supposed to park there then don’t.
    If you’re too stupid or lazy to park where you are supposed to then go somewhere else more accomodating of your low iq. (eg Patchway)
    If you feel the rules are wrong let the centre know that that is why you will no longer be visiting, if they want your business back i’m sure they will change the rules, if they can survive nicely without it then they won’t. Market forces are good like that, they work where democracy fails.

  25. ‘bored of this nonsense’….market forces—mmm. Your understanding seems limited, and you don’t seem in the best place to judge other people’s iq or the iq’s of those in particular areas. Market forces are pretty irrelevant here because the willow brook crntre has a monopoly on the market in this area. You probably don’t understand so let me enlighten you. One who lives in the local area is forced to shop at the centre because there are no other local shops of the same Kind anywhere else close by. The consumer is therefore under the control of the monopoly….willow brook and tescos.

    So, whoever you may be (as you don’t seem willing to make your comments under a real name) you are very wrong…and I’m sure THE MODERATOR SHOULD BE REMOVING DISCRIMINATORY COMMENTS AS THEY ARE OFFENSIVE AND BORDERLINE ILLEGAL. THESE COMMENTS ARE VERY OFFENSIVE.

  26. Guys, the reason it says “Drop off point” is because Greggs, KFC, Costa ETC get deliverys there, and because people park there, they have difficulties dropping supplies off.
    Also the amount of people that leave there trolleys there is ridiculous, they even lock just beyond the shallow trolley bays, and people still take them over.
    And as for saying thanks Tesco, i might shop at Sainsburys, Tesco do not even own the car park, it belongs to the Willow Brook Center, trolley bays and all.

    It takes about an extra minute to park in the car park, it doesnt hurt to have to walk a few extra meters.

  27. Adam, it should then more clearly state that it means drop off point for kfc, as it stands it is very ambiguous. Do you work for the centre or one of the shops by any chance?

    Also I know it’s the willow Brook team who are imposing the fines through this external clamping firm, but things aren’t always that simple Adam. We blame tescos as well because they work hand in hand with the centre and have a big say in what goes on there. As a local resident I was never consulted about having this monstrosity built on my doorstep. So when the centre say that they consulted with us, take it from me they didn’t!

  28. Dom, I do work for Tesco ( Outside ), thats all i can say.
    I dont see why this matters, i am simply posting information which i know about, but i cannot confirm anything i have said, like i said its just information which i hear about.
    I agree, they should make it clearer, but they are not designated parking spaces, anyone can see this.

  29. Adam I will explain why the fact that you represent tescos matters: The fact that you work for them means that you are not completely independant in your views on the subject. Tescos support the £70 clampers, if they didn’t then the centre management would stop the fining as tescos have enough power to influence the management to do this.

    In this is wisdom. although tescos are residents on the Willow Brook site, the sheer power which tescos has is immense. They have a monopoly on the retail in Bradley Stoke and indeed within the centre. If they bark, the centre management start to quiver, and will literally do anything Tesco say. For this reason Adam Tescos do unfortunately have a responsibility for the parking fines being dished out.

  30. Dom, i work for them because i need money, its not as if Tesco, has brain washed me, i am not “representing Tescos”, i am not working right now, so these are my own opinions. .
    And i dont see why Tesco should do anything about it, people have stopped parking there, so now Tesco can get its Fuel delivery without any hassle, and KFC etc can get there deliverys hassle free now.

    And before you say im sticking up for Tesco because i work for them, im not.
    Ive always thought people should not park there, simply because your not supposed to.

  31. I don’t like parking fines in car parks either. Having said that, the area you are talking about clearly isn’t a car park.

    They definitely should remove the “Drop off point” text you talk about – I agree – but really, are you seriously telling me that it isn’t obvious that you shouldn’t be parking there? They’ve tried markings on the road, cones and now signs about (and actual) fines… What more do you want, a man in a clown outfit waving a neon “Don’t park here” sign, doing a little “don’t park here” dance?

    I don’t accept that it’s not obvious that parking isn’t allowed in that area, I do accept that the text you talk about is somewhat out of place, but in my humble opinion, it doesn’t detract from the general “don’t park here”ness of the area 🙂

    You could always vote with your feet, if you don’t like it.

  32. Again the point has been missed Pete. ‘Voting with one’s feet’ is’nt an option, and it is a point I higlighted in a previous comment. Tesco and Willow Brook have a monopoly on the retail in Bradley Stoke. Having restricted mobility I cannot actually VOTE WITH MY FEET thank you very much. The next nearest centre with the same amenities is a long way from my home so that is not an option. Therefore the whole market forces and voting with your feet argument is not applicable as there is NO COMPETITION TO WILLOW BROOK AND TESCOS!!

  33. Then move house – you knew you were getting Tesco when you moved to Bradley stoke. I just don’t accept your monopoly argument, and even if I did, it’s not like there has _ever_ been much choice in Bradley Stoke, yet you accepted that, and still you live here.

    I personally don’t think the way you throw your capitals around does your argument and justice at all, and I am equally sure that I haven’t missed the point. If you have reduced mobility, then surely one of the plentiful disabled bays at the front would be just as convenient for you as parking in such a manner as to obstruct a no-parking zone? Perhaps (and I’m assuming you have a car to actually park in this zone), you could use it to drive somewhere else to shop instead. In my eyes you’re being very petty indeed.

    Whether you like it or not, the only reason there is any kind of center to Bradley Stoke is down to Tesco investment. Without it, you wouldn’t be parking on a “no parking zone”, but instead would be parking on a piece of derelict scrub land.

  34. I’d take the scrub land any day buddy. In fact Pete, the area was originally farm land until Tescos dumped their abomination on top of it. If I had my way nothing would be there at all apart from green fields and farms.

    By the way you are talking I will be so bold as to assume that you have a business interest in the centre so are not independant in your views, a little like Adam.

    Unfortunately Pete I did not know I was getting the Willow Brook centre when I moved in either. Despite the fact that the management say they consulted the residents, I can assure you that they did not.

    With regards the fact that there would be no centre at all without tesco investment that actually makes me laugh, uncontrollably!!!!

    Lets see, Brantanos, shoe zone, subway, kfc, Gregs, Ladbrokes. You know what? I think I can live without these sorts of places. They are all the most boring depressing chain stores ever developed. WHO NEEDS THE CENTRE when all we have is awful shops like these!! I’m glad you enjoy shopping at these places Pete, but personally I’d rather some independant traders….some quality. If tesco investment encourages centres like this abomination of desolation I can live without it thanks!

  35. Oh, and regarding the disabled bays: they are actually a long way from the entrance. Thats why people park in the no parking zone. The management seriously messed up the design of the place. I have lived in several places and visited hundreds of centres like this. Never have I been to one where the car park is in such a ridiculous place!! You drive right past the centre and several hundred metres away from it before getting to the car park..good work management ..well can almost imagine them scratching their heads..uh…er..uh what went wrong.

  36. Uhmmm i actually think your wrong dom, at the front of the store ( Zones A and B, there is a walkway, and on each side is disabled parking, leading right upto the entrance, this is the same at zone C.
    And as for saying it was farm land, it looked to me like it was just overgrown grass.

    So your saying anyone involved with Tesco or the Center doesnt have there own views?

    Also, Bradley Stoke was crying out for a larger store. No not everyone is happy with the result, but they cant please everyone.

  37. Yes that is further away from the entrance than the restricted zone can measure it if you want.

    It was originally farm land, it only became overgrown prior to tesco being built after they had already acquired the land.

    I am saying that people with a business interest in tesco or the abomination that is the willow brook centre are not independant in their views as they have a link to the centre.

  38. There are plenty of people who did not want this mega store built on their doorstep I can assure you. We shop there because we have to. I would much rather see some good old fashioned bakers butchers and independantly run shops. I have to get my veg from down in Devon because it actually looks like it came from the ground, and they don’t waste their produce. In large grocers like tesco any misshapen veg or food is binned, not to mention the perfectly good just past the sell by date stuff…shocking when people are starving in the world.

    You just keep buying into the tesco dreams guys, don’t think outside the box, its scary, you might just see become enlightened and realise it aint what it says on the tin (or barcode)

  39. The parking bay which they are fining people for parking in is not adequately marked at all. The markings on the road are not visible when they have a row of cars on top of them. When you see a row of parked cars including policemen having their lunch you assume that it is a perfectly fine place to park. The notices to say they will fine you are now much more visible but were not when they started fining people. The drop off point text is very confusing.

  40. Where did you think the disabled spaces should be then?
    There is a town center you know, or would you prefer them to put disabled spaces in the actuall square??

    I do agree that the car park was very poorly designed, and the layout is shocking, but it has been built now.

    Also you dont have to shop at Tesco, there are plenty of other stores around.
    If you really dont like it, then dont shop there, its that simple.
    I personally prefer the old store, as do many other people, but we live with what we have now, and some people do like the new store.

  41. So, you park in the area in which you are clearly not allowed to park because it is minutely closer to the entrance than the gigantic, always-empty array of disabled parking spaces? I agree that the centre’s design is idiotic, but get a grip man. The designated disabled spaces are closer to the Tesco entrance than the milk inside the shop is.

  42. The disabled spaces should be where the taxi/drop off points are. THis would have been the sensible place to have put the spaces. You both appear to agree that the design of the place is shambolic, then in the next sentence state that the disabled bays are in a good place.

    Lets get something straight. The ‘town square’ as you put it, is utterly pointless. The place is an ugly eyesore and no town square or rusty ‘old look’ gates will ever change that. They built a functional ugly centre, so why not actually be functional and place the disabled spaces where the ‘town square’ is?

    Happy new year to the ticket guy, I’m sure he can enjoy a brace or two of pheasant with a few glasses of fino sherry on new years day, courtesy of all the poor people he has fined (those silly enough to actually pay that is). And a big well done to the management, well done guys, great job, great bit of planning there. The centr is beautiful isn’t it, some great outlets, lovely, just perfect, I particularly like the appearance of the place when you drive up to it, and the view of it from my house, all those metalllic colours, no history, just delectable…thanks .

  43. The year is 1984, congratulations you have all towed the party line, the thought police are pleased. You will be promoted soon. And you ask me to get a grip!

  44. (would just like to add that I have no business interest in Bradley Stoke at all, I work elsewhere in an entirely different field and commute).

  45. A few views I’d like to add…

    Hasn’t a drop off zone always been for dropping people off, and not for going to do your shopping, even if it is only quick? I’ve always thought this was really obvious!

    Are there not a few hundred spaces there, with lots of disabled and parent/child spaces, as close to the building as reasonably possible?

    How hard is it to park in the lines? I find it pretty easy when I go there. If I fail then I’ll try again.

    I think most people will agree that the business selection in the town centre could be much better and more ‘local’. My opinion is it could be better, however, it’s what we now have.

    If someone has a car and can manoeuvre around the inside of the centre with a mobility limitation then they could make it to Sainsburys, or Asda, or even park where they are obviously supposed to. That’s where I go for most of my shopping now as I am not a big fan of the Willow Brook. My choice.

    There are only a few simple rules when you go to the Willow Brook. Park where you are supposed to and pay for your purchases. It’s not hard! For crying out loud – obey a couple of simple rules and attempt to enjoy your life! Stop arguing about how legal the fines are an spend an extra 10 seconds parking properly – like most other people!!! If you are too lazy to park properly then you get what you deserve!

  46. Steve, the fines are not legally enforceable. For this reason the measures will not have the desired effect of stopping people parking there. THey will need to put some kind of barrier in place, perhaps one which can be opened by those whom big brother willow brook decide should be allowed to enter the camp.

    We can debate the rights and wrongs of parking here all day and night, the fact remains that these fines are not legally enforceable. Lets stick to the topic shall we as I feel we have somewhat gone off track? Its a little like the bank charges saga, each side trying to get what they can…the customer wants the bank charges returned, the banks disputing it but paying back some of it under certain circumstances. We can debate the morally right side to take, however the fact remains, humans being humans we will take what we can if we know we can get it. Now consider the no parking zone in question. People feel its a good convenient place to park….a guy comes along telling us we can’t park there. Fair enough, we now have a disagreement. So one turns to the law and if one looks hard enough it is evident that these fines are not worth the paper they are written on…so people continue to park in the area, simply because they can.
    Now, until the management come up with a better and less juvenile way of dealing with their own atrociously designed car park and centre, the problem remains. Humans, Steve, will be humans.

  47. Dom,
    You seem to have quite a bee in your bonnet with regards to this matter. Might I suggest that if you wish to air your views, you attend the ‘Safer and Stronger Community Meeting. Here you can raise your concerns in person, the Wilow Brook Manager (Scott) normally attends. Details below

    When: Tuesday 26th January 2010 – 7pm
    Where: Holy Trinity Church, Broad Croft, Bradley Stoke, BS32 0BD

  48. I notice that now people are parking and leaving their cars right outside tescos in the pickup zones, I’ve seen young abled solo drivers coming out with their trolleys and loading up a massive shop, so they must have been parked qute a while. Think tesco should look at fining these people too as its again abusing the system.

  49. I’m amazed at the responses on this topic!! I never realised it was really that difficult to drive an extra few hundred metres and park your car in a sensible, unselfish manner in order to go shopping…..

    If people don’t want to receive these “fines” (legally enforceable or not) then they should really park in the designated parking bays like thousands of other people manage to do without any problems whatsoever.

    Dom, as had been said before you seem to have a real problem with this whole area of Bradley Stoke. On one hand you say that the disabled spaces are too far from the store but I’ll bet you’d be the first to complain if there were only 3 or 4 disabled spaces available. Would it really make that much difference if you could park your car 100 metres closer to the doors? Possibly, possibly not….

    I also imagine that there was a public consultation about the whole Willow Brook development long before work began. I imagine it’s part of the whole planning process that had to happen. So suggesting that you were not consulted is a bit naive and also implies that you were possibly too lazy to go along to the consultation meeting(s). Also, I’m not sure if you were aware that the a large section of the current car park was actually the old Tesco store and car park, so in all fairness (and being sensible) the area where the whole Willow Brook centre is hasn’t changed a massive amount. Except for removing the undeveloped land that had been there for a number of years and actually developed it – houses and flats have also been built there too, so I hope you’re having gripes with the housing developer(s) too!!!!!

    Personally, I prefer the new Tesco tot he old one. It’s bigger, brighter and stocks a lot more that I actually buy regularly. The choice has been increased and on the occasion where I may need to buy a kettle or even a birthday present for a party that my children may be attending the next day at 2200, then I’m grateful. It also means that I don’t have to go to a number of shops to complete the weekly shop. I appreciate that Tesco is a money-making machine (and a very good one at that!) but hey, it could be a lot worse….it could be Morrison’s!

    On the parking front, the Willow Brook centre would be entirely justified in charging for parking full stop. Would people like to have to pay to park in order to do there shopping? I doubt it, so park sensibly and don’t park where you shouldn’t….

  50. Would people like to have to pay to park in order to do there shopping?

    I think you mean their shopping. Unless of course you meant would people be prepared to do their shopping there ?

    The parking “fine” is unenforecable, the only basis in law is breach of contract, and how can a company prove you have accepted a contract to not park. See moneysaving expert.

  51. I would just like to let you all know that the tickets are not enforcable. They have to allow you 5 minutes parking for access and on the ticket I was issued it was only 3 minutes. Now the reason these aren’t enforcable is because there is no appeal procedure printed on the ticket. DO NOT PAY THESE COWBOYS

  52. ade, thanks for that little rant. I take offence at being called lazy and I don’t expect you would want to say that to my face, so I suggest you wind your neck in.

    You imagine wrong my friend if you think the public were consulted on this matter. You can ‘imagine’ pretty much anything you like but it doesn’t make it correct does it.

    With regards the parking, as I have said before, if it is not enforceable then we can just keep parking there! Why not?

  53. The area in question is adjacent to the petrol filling station and the back of a number of food/drink outlets. I use the filling station myself which on occassion gets quite busy.

    Cars parked in this area cause an obstruction and could cause an accident/damage when reversing out of the area to leave. Deleivery vehicles trying to deliver to the food outlets or filling station are then unable to do so safley.

    I know this is ‘private’ land, the design of the centre is questionable and that Tesco’s do at times come across as the big ‘I am’ – and as a Bradley Stoke resident of some 15 years (with no business interests in the centre or it’s retailers) I too wasn’t directly consulted – but the plans were on display and there is a procedure via the planning office if you object.

    Without getting into the rights or wrongs of Tesco’s and The Willow Brook Centre it strikes me that there a number of people who simply cannot see that what they are doing is both potentially unsafe and inconsiderate to others. Life is too short, just drive round, park and do your shopping – a bit of extra excircise never hurt anybody – the disable bays are close enough, why risk going round through the trolley park and into the ‘busy’ garage area. I don’t agree with ‘Private Clampers’ however they are their as a deterent and to disssuade those who chose to think they are above everydoby else just doing what they want.

    By being a part of society we accept societies rules – why then be beligerent and overbearing…especially like ‘dom’ – what a self opinionated arrogant person – and YES I will say that to your face if I am unfortunate enough to meet you! Don’t you go on and on – give it a rest and park appropriately – or are you better than everybody else and the rules don’t apply to you – I am sure you would be the first to complain if somebody hit your car whilst it was parked there, or you got blocked in by a delivery vehicle!

    As Abraham Lincoln stated, you can please most of the people, most of the time, some of the people, some of the time, but none of the people all of the time – we’ve got what we’ve got so we better get used to it – nobody likes change but you have to get used to it.

    If you don’t want a ticket don’t park there – simple really.

  54. Orson, well done..always good to bring Abraham Lincoln up…yeah well done. The tickets aren’t enforceable pal so we can continue to park there..oh and if you want to speak with me face to face name a time and place and i’ll be there.

  55. Good grief! Just because the fines are not enforcable does not mean you can park there. The Willow Brook Centre management ask people not to park in certain places in the usual fashion (markings and signs). If certain people decide that they know better and refuse to obey the polite requests then they have to do something else – hence the “fines”. What would the next step be if you carry on ignoring them? Any suggestions?

    Dom, I really don’t think you have the maturity or common sense to own a car, and you obviously have no consideration for anyone else.

    I personally find your attitude to this staggering, and you may notice that everyone on here seems to think so too.

  56. Not that I expected much more in your response Dom, but you are clearly missing the point – regardless of whether or not the ‘fines’ are enforcable or not the issue is people should not park there because it is not a parking area – for the reasons I refered to in my post.

    Your comment – ‘With regards the parking, as I have said before, if it is not enforceable then we can just keep parking there! Why not?’ – has surely been answered – ‘because it is not a parking area and doing so is unsafe and inconsiderate’.

    In respect of meeting you to speak face to face – what could possibly be gained from this – as pointed out by Steve and seconded by Mike I doubt you have the mental capacity to hold a constructive and respectable conversation on this matter – I wouldn’t waste my time.

    Is your question answered now – or do we need to explain it in words of less than 2 syllables?

  57. As a member of the management team of the Willow Brook Centre I would like to thank you for your supportive comments regarding the parking restrictions at the centre.

    In particular; Steve, Orson, Alex, Mike

    It was a sad day when we had to apply such a system however we had endured 8 months of parking abuse and had warned people.

    The situation peaked when we had 16 vehicles parked in the area resulting a a delivery of fuel being turned away and traffic having to queue to get into the petrol station. This caused a tail back and customers were stuck in traffic and could leave the centre for up to 10 minutes. It was a huge problem for us.

    I appreciate how upsetting it is to receive a ticket however the signs are clear and people sit choice to ignore them.

    As to why ‘Dom’ thinks these are legally unenforceable I do know.

    Dom – seen as you have a vast amount of time to comment on this matter you could spend some of it research the British legal system, as you are clearly unfamiliar with it.

    What I think is extremely worrying is that Dom is concerns that these are unenforceable. What he is failing to realise is that enforceable or not parking there results in the residents of Bradley Stoke being badly done to. Not the centre! If the petrol station runs out of fuel or people have to queue to leave, its these poor people who are being inconvenienced.

    The next stage will be to ban persistent parking abuser. And yes Dom this is legal enforceable under the Trespass Act.

  58. Let me simplify this for you guys as you don’t seem to be understanding. The laws of the land dictate what we can and can’t do. The law regarding this matter is all outlined on moneysaving expert..I won’t go into it again follow the link I have already submitted, all is explained in very simple terms here for you. Basically the fines are not enforceable so why would people not continue parking here? You all clearly have some ‘holier than thou’ moral views on this matter, I just want to do my shopping and walk as short a distance as possible!

    With regards speaking face to face, I suggested this as you seem to see fit to insult me via this medium, I simply question whether you would have the guts to say it to my face. Most people who get aggressive with others online are making up for inadequacies in their masculinity in the real world.

  59. Steve, if you take the time to read my earlier comments, you ll see that I suggested that if willow brook want to stop people parking here they’ll have to do better than a few ‘joke shop’ tickets.

    Clamping was a suggestion of mine, however I would then probably cut the clamp off using an angle grinder as I don’t believe the people of this once great nation deserve to be bullied by cowboys.

    I’m glad to have ‘staggered’ you Steve. Unfortunately for you I am not one of those sheep who just follows the politically correct masses of this collapsing nation. You carry on, glancing pensively over your copy of the guardian in a ‘staggered’ way, some of us my friend actually go against the tide of extreme socialism sweeping our decaying shores and aren’t afraid to speak out. You are sleepwalking into an orwellian nightmare.

  60. Dom, will you be at next week’s Bradley Stoke Safer and Stronger Community Group meeting, as suggested by Mark in an earlier comment?
    When: Tuesday 26th January 2010 – 7pm
    Where: Holy Trinity Church, Broad Croft, Bradley Stoke, BS32 0BD
    Sounds like quite a few people who have commented here would like to meet you!

  61. SH, I have attended before however to be honest nothing gets done there. It is a platform for the willow brook and local councillors to forward their own agendas. indeed i watched as one local councillor laughed when some residents complained that a house nearby was being used as a brothel. these poor residents raised a valid concern and were laughed out of the place by a councillor!

    That was enough for me to know that little of any relevance gets done there, so I won’t be attending that one. its all a bit freemasonish for me.

  62. Dom, I have just re read the whole thread and your arguments are completely inconsistent!

    In one you state – ‘Also parent and child spaces don’t need to be nearer the door so why have them. I am perfectly happy to walk a little further with my child in a push chair.’

    and them you state – ‘Oh, and regarding the disabled bays: they are actually a long way from the entrance. Thats why people park in the no parking zone.’ Then you state – ‘Having restricted mobility I cannot actually VOTE WITH MY FEET thank you very much.’

    To top it off you state ‘I just want to do my shopping and walk as short a distance as possible!’

    So what is it are you disabled and can’t walk when your on your own, or a parent with child that can walk a distance or just somebody who seems to find fault with everything? It strikes me you make comments to suit the post and go off on a tangent critising everybody and everything – are you on something or just a grumpy bloke?

    You say – ‘I too am educated in matters of law’ – right – if you were you wouldn’t commit to writing such inconsistencies.

    The discussion was on parking fines and has gone way off track I suggest you think about that before you go off on one in your replies, stereotyping people and to be quite honest being rude and aggressive yourself.

  63. Was looking for local info now the Examiner is no longer and came across this site. Amazed that people like Dum have so much time to write nonsense over and over again. 100’s of spaces, rarely anywhere near to full, but that’s not enough for some. That my good man is what is wrong with this country, not clampers or Tesco’s, but people who want the world to revolve around them and park where they want, let their kids roam around till all hours, drink till they puke and not work cos they don’t fancy it.

  64. I recently got fined by parking in the centre.

    Normally I would not park there and would normally drive into the main car park but on this occasion because there was a lot of snow and ice on the road, It was late at night, I only wanted to go to Tesco to pick up a loaf of bread and milk and as my wife and baby son were in the car I decided that on this occasion it was sensible to park there rather than going all the way round to the main car park.

    I left my car keys with my wife who would be perfectly able to move the car if it was an inconvenience to anyone.

    Five minutes later when I returned to the car I could see someone looking at my car from a distance in a position where my wife would not be able to see him. Only when he saw me heading towards the car did he approach the car, take photo’s and put a ticket on my windscreen.

    His only reply was ‘there are signs everywhere’.

    The cowboy who issued the fine did not even have the decency to even ask my wife to move the car if it was an inconvenience to anyone, also it was only the rear wheels of the car that were touching the yellow line in the zone, his only interest was to earn his commission…..

    I too have lost all faith in the Williow Brook Centre by resorting to employing such a bunch of cowboys.

  65. G, Cowboy or not you chose to ignore the signs and park where you should not have – it’s snow excuse to blame the weather – he was only doing his job.

    Clearly not a ‘sensible’ decision on this occassion. They wouldn’t need the cowboys if they didn’t have to round up the strays – so to speak!

    Pretty expensive Bread & Milk!!

  66. Too many do gooders on here, I feel for ‘G’, How simple would it have been for the attendant to ask the Wife to move on and not park there, I must say, I’d not have held back, but thats another story. but ‘G’ dont pay it, Its really not legally binding.

    As for myself, I got booked and didnt pay, but have learnt my lesson and no longer park there.

  67. G – exactly the same happened to me on Sun 24 Jan. Stopped off at petrol garage at 4pm for some cash and milk – no parking as garage forecourt totally packed. Knew I wasn’t going to be more than a couple of minutes and 2 pints of milk costing 86p has now cost me £35.86. In future I shall have to block a pump further infuriating petrol customers as this is not a price I am able to pay on a regular basis when the main Tesco store is closed.

  68. I wonder if KFC and the other food retailers have found their profits have shrunk since people are no longer able to park behind the outlets? Ive stopped going to KFC since my food is cold when I get it home due to the increased walk to a car parking space.

    Ah well, good for my figure anyway!

  69. Batz, thanks but too late – didn’t realise and sent the £35 off (scraping the barrell to find it!!) as certainly couldn’t afford the £70 if I’d left it more than 2 weeks. So wish I’d looked at this site first 🙁 – never mind you live and learn. Just one question though where should you now park if you only need to visit the cash point/shop at the petrol station???

  70. How rude and arrogant some people are….Dom you should despair at these people (yourself included) and not those who actually make a conscious effort to not cause trouble for others…..

  71. Anon2, there is no parking around the petrol station, the actuall petrol station is more of a quickly grab something place if your filling your car up.
    There are other cash points next to the main car park. And i suppose if you didnt want to go into the main Tesco, you could park and then walk to the petrol station.
    Also saying you had to “Scrape the barrel to find it”, why did you risk it in the first place? The signs are really quite hard to miss.
    But as you said live and learn.

  72. i really cant get over all the goody goodies on this thread, no wonder this country is in a general state, too many softies who are not ready to stand up and be counted.

    ps, as much as a great job they do, this evening at around 6.45 an ambulance was parked up in the petrol station and the occupants were snacking, one rule for one and one for another!!!!

  73. Batz – must agree as since going there again I have seen cars parked where I got ticketed and yes… no ticket issued!! Adam – yes the signs are more than clear now….. but certainly weren’t when I parked there.

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