BSCS chosen to mentor other schools on behaviour management

Bradley Stoke Community School

The Government’s Children’s Secretary Ed Balls has announced that Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS) is to be given an additional £40,000 p.a. to help other schools in the area improve their record on pupil behaviour.

The school has been named as one of just 20 ‘Lead Behaviour Schools’ in the country that are said to have displayed “excellent practice in behaviour management”.

Mr Balls said in a press release on 31st March:

Today I am naming the first 20 of 100 schools leading the way in behaviour policy across the country. These schools are using a range of innovative approaches, and the powers the Government has given them, to turn around poor behaviour in the classroom.

The expert schools will be twinned with schools struggling to control behaviour and there will be an expectation for schools with behaviour problems to learn from the Lead Behaviour Schools.

The Government’s ‘Behaviour Challenge’, published in September 2009, set an ambition that, by 2012, all schools will either have a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating on behaviour or be on track to reach one at their next inspection.

In BSCS’s latest Ofsted inspection, conducted in November 2009, students were found to “behave extremely well in lessons and around the school”, resulting in an ‘outstanding’ rating on behaviour.

Under the terms of the extra funding, BSCS will now be expected to support at least three other secondary schools in the area from September 2010.

More information: Lead Behaviour Schools [PDF] (DCSF)

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