Deep Blue chip shop suffers fire damage

Deep Blue Fish and Chip Shop

Staff at Bradley Stoke’s Deep Blue fish and chip shop were busy cleaning up today (Friday) after a fire broke out in the premises overnight.

Two pumps from Patchway Fire Station were called out after fire alarms in the nearby Aldi supermarket were activated.

On arrival at the scene, firefighters gained entry to the supermarket thanks to a keyholder, but found no sign of fire. Crews then noticed the smell of burning fat and realised the fire alarm at the fish and chip shop was also sounding.

An incident report on the Avon Fire & Rescue Service website says:

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus forced entry into the fish and chip shop and found a fire in a tray used for waste oil and scraps of cooked food.

Using a dry powder extinguisher the fire was quickly put out and two positive pressure ventilation fans were used to clear the heavily smoke-logged premises.

The cause of the fire is said to be accidental.

A source at Deep Blue said they were “trying their best” to get the shop cleaned up in order to re-open this evening.

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