Barn Owl Nursery rated “satisfactory” by Ofsted

A nursery school near Bradley Stoke has been rated “satisfactory” by an Ofsted inspector, who visited the ‘early years’ care provider in June.

The privately-owned Barn Owl nursery in Hambrook has a capacity for 20 children between the ages of two and five and it currently has 26 on roll.

The inspector wrote:

“The nursery offers a happy environment, where children are supported by caring adults. Children are making good progress in their learning and development, given their starting points.”

Areas identified as needing improvement are hygiene practices, planning for individuals and groups and the provision of information to parents.

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  1. This article was based on the content of a report published on the Ofsted website on 30th July 2010. Ofsted subsequently re-published the report on 26th August 2010 and (for a second time) on 22nd October 2010. In the latter report, which can be viewed by following the link in the article, the overall rating for the nursery is now “good” and some of the comments about areas needing improvements have been changed. We contacted Ofsted on 22nd October 2010 to ask why the report had been revised following its first publication but are yet to receive a reply.