Another “value retailer” likely to open at the Willow Brook Centre

Retail Terrace Unit 6 at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, Bristol

The first tenant of retail terrace unit 6 at Bradley Stoke’s Willow Brook Centre will probably be a “value retailer”, according to Centre Manager Scott Lahive.

The statement would appear to end speculation that a prestige fashion retailer such as New Look might open at the centre, although one further unit remains unoccupied and could in theory still be taken by a big name company.

“Opening Soon” signs on the unit, situated to the right of the Pets at Home store, appeared on Wednesday 4th August – along with similar signage on units 5, 6 & 7 in the Town Square, unit 7 in the mall and unit 1 in the retail terrace.

The Journal has since revealed that the Town Square units will host a Harvester restaurant and that Boots will be moving into the corner unit (#1) of the retail terrace.

Mr Lahive has now also confirmed to The Journal that Ocean will be opening in mall unit 7 (to the right of Card Factory) in mid-October. The estate agents’ relocation from Baileys Court confirms our prediction made on Tuesday 10th August, after the firm’s existing office went up for rental.

Have Your Say: Mr Lahive has previously spoken of interest from an “unnamed sports retailer”. Which “value retailer” (if any) would you like to see opening in Bradley Stoke? Have your say by leaving a comment on this story.

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  1. Ocean, Yawn!! Another estate agent! Can we have a decent fashion retailer please? Outfit would be good as it covers everyone! New Look or anything that isnt a £1 shop or a sports shop!!!!

    There is a real mis mash of shops up there, I don’t know how the O2 shop survives, its always empty!

  2. Sports direct would be good. How about a place like dunelm which deals will household goods such as bedding, curtains, linen ,kitchware and bathroom products

  3. One problem I have with these so-called sports shops… is that they’re not. Sports shops, that is. They are just clothing shops for chavs.

    Why they can’t be up-front about that, I don’t know.

    If, like me, you were naive enough to go in looking for actual sports equipment, you’re going to be very disappointed.

  4. So depending on who this ‘Value Retailer’ is, we will have, two of those, two shoe shops, two phone shops, probably three estate agents, and including the tesco areas, two opticians, two card shops and two pharmacies.

    Can’t we have something different!?

  5. We really do need a “value retailer” I would love to see a Wilkinsons. There are a lot of low income families in Bradley Stoke and times are getting harder and will get even harder! We do not need anymore clothes shops either! Tesco and Peacocks offer value clothing. It would be nice to have some “Querky” or unusual stores!

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