Bike versus car in Aztec West rush hour challenge

Better by Bike from Cycling City Bristol

A local radio station is to stage a rush hour challenge to see if a cyclist can beat a motorist on the journey from Bradley Stoke to Aztec West.

Next Tuesday’s Big Bike Challenge on Jack fm will see the radio station’s driver take on a two-wheeled rival from cycling organisation Better by Bike between the Willow Brook Centre and the the Aztec West Business Park.

Jack fm Bristol

The radio station will be broadcasting live from outside the Bradley Stoke Giant cycle store from 7:40am on Tuesday 21st September with the competitors setting off at around 8am.

The results of the challenge will be revealed later on the ‘That Morning Thing’ programme.

While the motorist will be taking the obvious route up Bradley Stoke Way and across the A38 roundabout, we understand that the cyclist will use the new Cycling City Route 4, which avoids the roundabout by using The Common East, Patchway Common and, via the A38 subway, Hempton Lane.

Better by Bike say that the event has been designed to promote responsible cycling and responsible driving, mirroring the regular commutes of cyclists and vehicle drivers.

Cyclists taking part in the challenge must stop at all red lights and avoid cycling on pavements that are not designed for shared use.

Listeners can tune in to The Big Bike Challenge on 106.5 JACK fm.

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  1. It took me 40 minutes to make that journey (in a car) a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think the bookies will be taking any bets on this one! Perhaps JACK fm should employ Jeremy Clarkson as the car driver, given his views on cyclists!.

  2. The bike will win. What Clarkson says about bikes is as usual drivel and as for the things you grow out of well seems he hasn’t yet!

  3. That’s easy. I did the trip from Ormonds Close to Waterside Drive for over 5 years. With the exception of very quiet days then a bike will beat a car doing the same trip.

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