[Forum] New parking restrictions at the Willow Brook Centre

Has anyone else seen the new parking restrictions at the Willow Brook Centre?

I have seen the signs go up but not stopped to read them properly yet. From what others have said there will be a four hour maximum stay allowed. Plus fines for people parking in the disabled bays who do not display a blue badge; which is very good news. Also idiots who abuse the drop off zones and decide to park in them will be getting a fine.

The more savvy of us will know that these fines are not actually enforceable but hopefully it will be enough to stop most people abusing the rules.

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  1. If they’re in the mood for catching so-called “law breakers”, then perhaps they could also catch the chavs that use the car park as a race track as well?

    I’ve nearly been run over twice by speeding cars while using the pelican crossings near brantanos and have had to jump out of the way to save my skin.

  2. Brilliant, so glad that people parking in disabed bays is being taken seriously as Tesco were not interested and said car park was privatley owned…just a shame that people these days do not have any respect for others or think that they or a family member/close friend could be in this position in the future and it takes a fine to make them mend their ways.

  3. I was in Tesco one evening last week, and saw a parking warden walking around. He started writing a ticket for a car parked in the disabled bay, when a female passenger jumped out and claimed the driver was just picking something up. The warden said he’d give 5 mins. I didn’t hang around to see the end result, but surely if they shouldn’t be parked in the bay, then they shouldn’t be there for 10 mins, 5 mins or even 30 seconds, so it seems the wardens aren’t actually enforcing anything.