Could Bradley Stoke become a city?

Bradley Stoke Town Council

No you haven’t slept through winter and woken up on 1st April, that really is a question to be considered by Town Councillors at a meeting of the Leisure, Youth and Amenities (LYA) Committee this evening (Monday 13th December).

Following the launch, earlier this month, of a government competition to choose a town in the UK which will be bestowed the honour in 2012 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Councillors will be asked to consider whether Bradley Stoke should submit a bid.

The Journal understands that the item has been included on the agenda following an inquiry by a member of the public and, if supported, will see Bradley Stoke go head to head with the likes of Reading and Cheltenham in the contest for the honour.

Committee Chairman Cllr Robert Jones says he’s looking forward to the debate, telling The Journal:

“It’s an unusual topic and it will be interesting to see what my colleagues have to say on the matter. The fact that the public are coming forward to suggest we go for it shows how proud people are of the town and that in itself is something we should recognise.”

Published guidelines for the contest suggest the winning bid “should have supplied convincing evidence of their ability to welcome people into their areas and to provide, promote or facilitate access to a wide variety of places, activities and events.”

Cllr Jones however refused to be drawn on the chances of success, merely saying:

“We haven’t even agreed to make a bid yet! I wouldn’t want to pre-empt that discussion by commenting on our chances.”

More info: Agenda for tonight’s LYA Committee meeting [MS Word]

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  1. What a ridiculous idea. I hope this is quickly knocked on the head before the Town Council wastes any time and money developing a bid. I think Bradley Stoke is a great place to live but it is nothing like a city.

  2. One definition of a city is “A center of population, commerce, and culture; a town of significant size and importance.”

    Bradley Stoke has a significant population, commerce mainly achieved from Aztec West business park (although Aztec West I think is technically Almondsbury). But in my eyes Bradley Stoke isn’t large enough or important enough to be given city status. Sure thousands of people live here; but it lacks decent public transport, minimal history, average public infrastructure (poor broadband) and has no tourism base.

    Then again I’m no expert!

  3. Silly idea. Bradley Stoke isn’t big enough. It is a town and should stay as so, Reading or Cheltenham are massive places in comparison and even considering BS is ridiculous.

  4. Scoff all you may, but Salford is a city, despite really being a suburb of Manchester. And the City of London is probably smaller than Bradley Stoke!

    That said, Bradley Stoke simply lacks the unique identity required to be called a city. To my mind, a city should have everything you’d ever need without having to travel elsewhere. Whilst Peacocks is undoubtedly wonderful, I wouldn’t want my entire wardrobe from there!

    There are many towns far bigger and more culturally diverse that I think would become a city well before BS. Besides, what’s so great about being called a city, exactly?

  5. The Journal can report that the “City of Bradley Stoke” topic sparked an entertaining debate at Monday’s LYA Committee meeting.

    Cllr Jones’ suggestion that: “it might be worth putting in a bid, just for the publicity” was met with derision from some quarters, with Cllr Mark Forsyth muttering: “we don’t have a cat in hell’s chance”.

    Cllr Morgan Baynham’s interjection of: “well, Newport got it [in 2002] didn’t they?” raised some smiles around the table but Cllr Brian Hopkinson brought things down to earth again by pointing out that Bradley Stoke has neither a town hall nor any public toilets.

    The requirement for would-be cities to demonstrate their history seemed to present a stumbling block, with Mayor Ben Walker saying bluntly: “we have no history”, adding quickly: “apart from farming history”.

    Cllr Forsyth retorted by quipping that the town was: “the first private development to go into negative equity – It doesn’t say it has to be good history!”

    Cllr Jones’ proposal that a bid for city status be made eventually failed to attract a sceonder and, as Chair of the meeting, it was left to him to terminate the discussion with a meek: “we’ll move on …”.

  6. Silverfox is wrong! We are not part and have never been part of Bristol. This area was formerly Gloucestershire until politicians stuck their oar and created Avon only to change their minds yet again (at cost of millions) to create South Gloucestershire. Wonder what next no brainer scheme they will come up with next? Making Bradley Stoke a city?????????
    Still didnt know you had to have public toilets to be a city!

  7. Anyone that thinks that Bradley Stoke is:

    a. Serious city material
    b. Not part of Bristol
    c. A great place to live is…

    …a moron! It really is a dismal, soulless, mondeo man / salesperson-ville hell hole. Wake up and smell the cawfee!

  8. “Bert Lancaster” sounds as if he ought to get on the next bus out if he feels that way -if indeed he lives here at all.Lots comment on the place and have little idea about it.
    And because someone expresses an opinion it doesn’t make them a moron so be a little less rude next time!

  9. Completely and utterly ridiculous. I hope that this will mark the start of a campaign to relieve Cllr Jones of his public duties, as this shows such a complete lack of judgement that is not fitting of a publicy elected official.

  10. What the item showed was that Council are prepared to listen to the opinions of residents. It was a resident who suggested the item be brought before council, and it also shows that debate is alive and well at local level. The only costs incurred, was the ink for another few lines of text in the agenda, plus 10 minutes on Councillors own time, whilst the matter was discussed. Councillor Jones did an admiral job bringing the item to the meeting, the debate was well managed, and even if the item had received support, Councillor Jones was going to work on the bid in his own time. Again at no cost to the Council. Perhaps if you wish to replace Rob Jones, who has done a sterling job during his term in office, you start campaigning now.

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