The Human Library on Holocaust Memorial Day

As part of the events programme to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, South Gloucestershire Council is piloting an event at Bradley Stoke Library called the Human Library.

A Human Library is where the public take out a book in the form of a person who can provide first hand experience of an issue, belief or experience. Over a period of about 20 minutes they hold a conversation where the ‘reader’ asks questions to find out more about the other person to gain a better understanding of the subject.

The event is aimed at reducing prejudices, improving the understanding between communities and giving the opportunity for people to listen those who have experienced prejudice.

The Human Library will at Bradley Stoke Library on the following dates:

  • Friday 28th January, 6pm – 8pm
  • Saturday 29th January, 11am – 3pm
  • Sunday 30th January, 11am – 3pm

More info: The Human Library on Holocaust Memorial Day (SGC)

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