[Forum] Tesco superstore – a monstrosity?

After some seven years of being away from Bradley Stoke, my wife and I returned recently and stopped for lunch at The Three Brooks public house.

Imagine our shock as we approached the pub to be greeted by this vast grey box dominating the area. In fact we first thought that the pub had been demolished to make way for this edifice such is its impact on the area.

Are we the only ones who are astonished that such a monstrosity could have been built?

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  1. It may not be architecturally to your liking but at least it’s providing hundreds of jobs in the local area for “local” people.

    Out of interest did you even walk into the centre, mall or Tesco store?

  2. I absolutely agree with Mike: I do not believe Tesco were aiming to compete with Sir Christopher Wren in the architectural merits of the Bradley Stoke store, but its beauty consists in its usefulness.
    If people here didn’t want it they wouldn’t use it, but the car park gets pretty full in general.
    My only objection is to the dinosaurs who still obstruct 24/7 opening of stores like these and take pleasure in inconveniencing the majority in order to please a sanctimonious and mithering minority.

  3. It’s a total eyesore, its not a town centre its just Tesco and the blue lights are terrible, the design is the all to familiar glass and metal box, cheap and quick to erect, there’s no character.

    Apart from i believe the chippy, every shop is a chain-store, again lacking character.

    Tesco should never have been allowed to buy up so much land to monopolise the possible potential of local trading!

    It’s not a town centre, its just a mini mall there’s no towny bit to it.

  4. There’s a pretty large bunch of non Tesco shops there now including Boots, Ladbrokes, some Estate Agents, some chain food joints, footwear, and growing all the time. Is it ugly andboring? Yes it is, but it’s very useful. For character I go to Gloucester Road with its eclectic patchwork of charming shops and cafes. When I go to Gloucester Road, however, parking is often a nightmare and it’s not somewhere I would go for two litres of semi-skimmed at 4pm or any other time when I’m in a rush.
    I love Tesco in many ways because their stuff is low-priced and they don’t mess you about if you need to take it back.
    People vote with their feet, so if they didn’t like it they wouldn’t use it, but they use it in droves.

  5. Incidentally, Tesco probably paid millions of pounds to the local council for permission to build there. In other areas they build local services for the community. However, I do empathise with your point of view; if the district centre is grey and boring, what can be expected from the district?