[Forum] After-school child care in Bradley Stoke?

Posted on Tuesday 21st June 2011 at 11:43 pm by Dr Watson (Forum)

Dear Editor,

Are there any local nurseries/childminders who can pick-up my lad from school? He is going to school this September but they will be finishing early and I need someone to manage them till I return back from work.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Watson

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  1. SH (Editor) Says:

    @Dr Watson, There are plenty of nurseries listed on the Journal’s Child Care page. You can access this, along with scores of other listing categories from the Directory menu at the top of this website.

  2. Dr Watson Says:

    Strangely no one picks up from Local Schools. My son goes to a local day care and he is starting school this September but he will not be going until 3:30 initially. So I need a nursery to pickup at 11:30 and look after him till 3:30 when I finish my work.

  3. V Hunter Says:

    Generally South Glos Council 01454 868008 or their website under the section Children,young people & families/ 1 Big Database is the best place to get a list of local Childminders but also the school that your child will be attending may well have contact details of Childminders that drop off/pick up from that school. Unfortunately, due to all the local schools having similar start and finish times, generally Childminders tend to only operate based on which school their own children attend. I was a Childminder in the area for 5yrs and finished when my youngest didn’t get into the same school as my eldest where all my business was based. Hope this is of use.

  4. Duncan Says:

    Have you tried talking to the school? Meadowbrook have an after school club which is affiliated to the school. They walk the kids to school from the breakfast club and pick from the school and walk to after school club.

  5. resident Says:

    Meadowbrook kids club is at meadowbrook now ….no more walking along that busy road!
    Try Sue Patrdige she is a child minder 01454 615954, she knows several childminders in the area

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