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Willow Brook Christmas lights switch-on event this Thursday

Posted on Tuesday 15th November 2011 at 12:31 pm by SH (Editor)

Christmas at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke

The Christmas lights at Bradley Stoke’s Willow Brook Centre will be switched on this Thursday afternoon (17th November 2011) when Ben & Holly from Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom make a special guest appearance.

Bradley Stoke Christmas lights switch-on 2011

In contrast to previous years when the event has been fronted by Heart FM (we reported in 2009 & 2010), this year will see live music and entertainment provided by our own Bradley Stoke Radio (BSR).

Visitors will have a chance to win £250 to spend at a store of their choice at the Willow Brook Centre by entering a competition during the event.

We’ve heard that BSR are planning kids’ magic, balloon modelling, music quizzes, choir singing, dance groups and, of course, seasonal music and jingles.

The action gets underway at 2:30pm and runs until 5:30pm.

Could the event rival last week’s Olly Murs lights switch-on at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway (the Patchway Journal reported)? MC Andy of Bradley Stoke Radio will no doubt give it his best shot – streamers and artificial snow machines at the ready!

Bradley Stoke Radio's pre-launch event in June 2011

Photo: MC Andy (left) and other members of the Bradley Stoke Radio team, pictured at the station’s pre-launch event in June 2011.

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16 Responses to “Willow Brook Christmas lights switch-on event this Thursday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Christmas decorations this year in the centre, are a rather big disappointment before they have even been switched on. Foil sweets and stars hanging from tinsel, a very old fashioned 90′s retro look it’s yucky. The decorations that were previously used were far more appealing. I hope somebody in management sees the light and makes big changes for Christmas 2012. Out of all the shopping centres in Bristol, these Christmas decorations are awful and the worst.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Would also be great to see the Journal taking photos of the Christmas lights throughout Bradley Stoke (as done once before).

  3. Marion Says:

    I believe the willow brook event actually starts at 1:30pm and not 2:30pm as stated in the article.

  4. Holly Says:

    To the Anonymous who is not happy with the decorations – my kids absolutely love them 🙂 And especially the snowman with penguins. Mind you, they didn’t compare them with the rest of Bristol 🙂

  5. Me Says:

    I love the penguins 🙂 and the tree as always 🙂

  6. Anoymous Says:

    I dont remember having different decorations to be honest? But have to say at least the centre is trying and I dont mind them at all. But it would be good for the snowman inside to be moved more to the middle.

  7. Anoymous (From the first comment) Says:

    I understand that small children will like the “magic castle” and I am all for that. However, all the other decorations are rather well… worse than last year. In previous years it has been the same company that decorates the Mall Cribbs – I am yet to do my research it may have changed one can only guess, maybe to cost cut? Saying that, the mall has opted for a slight change all be it just colours… Red and Gold to Green and Silver.

  8. SH (Editor) Says:

    Big turn out for the lights switch-on today.

    See our photos and video of the countdown (the second countdown that is – not the first where the lights didn’t come on when the plunger was pushed because someone had forgotten to “remove the key”!).

  9. Whysonegative Says:

    Why are the editors posts always so negative about the willowbrook centre?

  10. SH (Editor) Says:

    That’s a bit harsh @Whysonegative. I love the Willow Brook Centre.

  11. Mike j Says:

    The countdown was carefully planned and the apparent failing of the first countdown had been orchestrated and rehearsed in advance with the full knowledge of the person switching on the lights. Quite simply the apparent failed countdown was purely to add to the entertainment!

  12. SH (Editor) Says:

    A cunning plan – I’m tempted to upload the video of the failed countdown now, for extra entertainment. Might upset @Whysonegative though, so maybe not.

  13. Wheatfield Resident Says:

    To Anoymous (1st one)
    This xmas light switch on relates to the Bradley Stoke Willow Brook Centre, not The Mall Cribbs

  14. Anonymous Says:

    @ Wheatfield Resident
    I do happen to know that…

  15. Whysonegative Says:

    At last im glad I have not been swept under the carpet!!! And this is to the editor.I have nothing against you just,feel that some of your comments are unjust at times.The willowbrook centre is a positive part of the community and just feel sometimes your adding positive feedback would be an advantage to the community.Anyway no hard feelungs ed,just a point of view

  16. Whysonegative Says:

    Excuse the poor spelling,not me just my blackberry key pad

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