[Forum] Troubled by noisey neighbours in Hornbeam Close?

Posted on Saturday 24th March 2012 at 9:52 pm by HC1 (Forum)

Hornbeam Close, Bradley Stoke, Bristol

Anyone else having trouble with the noise coming from a first floor flat as you enter Hornbeam Close on the right?

We live opposite and can hear their shouting and music blaring until dawn.

Complete lack of respect for anyone.

Cheers, HC1

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No Responses to “[Forum] Troubled by noisey neighbours in Hornbeam Close?”

  1. HC resident Says:

    We too have experienced noise coming from this flat. They clearly have no consideration of others. We were considering reporting to the management company. Have you tried this already?

    HC resident

  2. E R Muff Says:

    We had similar issues recently in another part of town.

    It was so bad one night that we called the police but they told us there was nothing they could do as noise enforcement is the responsibility of the local authority.

    They then asked us where we lived. When we said South Glos, we were informed that SG is the only authority in the Avon & Somerset Police area that DOESN’T respond to out-of-hours complaints. Great!

    Useful ref: http://www.southglos.gov.uk/NR/exeres/1081b1a5-b40b-452e-9e18-bd6676b389e6

  3. Jeff E Says:

    We are becoming frustrated at this also. Encountered the local council issue when they kept us awake until gone 5 last Friday. Stopped short of calling police, but will do next time.

    Think calling Mainstay may be an idea but not sure if they would/could do anything.

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