Willow Brook Centre declares war on waste

The Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Managers at the Willow Brook Shopping Centre in Bradley Stoke have declared war on waste – saving more than 50 tons of rubbish from being sent to landfill every year.

In the space of just six months, incoming property managers Colliers International have boosted the rate of waste recycled from 77.4 to 90 per cent with the remainder being reused or converted – and have reduced the amount sent to landfill to zero.

Mike Bull from Colliers International’s Investment Property Management team based in Bristol said it was an astonishing turnaround with important implications for similar centres:

“Colliers took over running the Willow Brook Centre in November of last year and embarked on a campaign to streamline waste management.”

The popular shopping centre produces between 220 and 240 tons of waste per year and almost twenty five per cent of this was being taken to landfill.

Mr Bull added:

“We diverted the waste to the MBT-AD plant at Avonmouth, which breaks down general waste in large quantities. The process allows for more items to be reused or recycled with the remaining material converted to compost.”

“We are delighted to report this has completely eliminated the need to send any waste to landfill – a projected saving of more than fifty tons every year.”

Willow Brook Centre Manager Scott Lahive said they were keen to highlight the savings made:

“This is a dramatic example of what can be achieved when an organisation rethinks its waste management policies. We can only hope our customers will be encouraged to take a leaf out of our book and think more carefully about their household rubbish as well. It has taken us four months of working closely with our waste management contractor to achieve this result and we are very proud of it.”

Colliers International was appointed to manage the 295,000 sq ft scheme, anchored by Tesco Extra, last October. The centre also includes 19,000 sq. ft. of high specification office space.

Colliers worked in conjunction with the Malmesbury-based Saica Natur waste removal company.

Source: Press release issued on behalf of Colliers International.

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  1. Well done. Now all you need to do is persuade those who wrap all your goodies up in polythene, then cardboard, then more polythene to stop it and you get a silver star in my books.

    Still too much throw away wrapping. Could start with things like loo roll and kitchen roll coming in paper wrappers, also what about paper bags for fruit. If it was good enough for grandma its good enough for me.

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