By-election on the cards for vacant Town Council seat

Polling Station Sign (photo by Paul Downey).

A by-election is looking increasingly likely for the seat on Bradley Stoke Town Council left vacant by the resignation of a Councillor last month.

The Returning Officer at South Gloucestershire Council has today issued a notice of election for the vacant seat representing the Meadowbank parish ward, previously held by Barry Mitchell (Conservative).

Mr Mitchell, elected in May 2011, quit the Town Council after finding he didn’t have the time to carry out his civic responsibilities. He later told The Journal that it had been a difficult decision made for “personal and professional reasons”.

During his 13-months in office Mr Mitchell, a self-employed taxi driver, managed to attend just two Council meetings.

Candidate nominations must be made by noon next Thursday (9th August) and, if more than one nomination is received, an election will take place on Thursday 6th September.

Local resident ‘Neil’. who had expressed an interest in filling the vacancy in a comment on the Journal’s story announcing Mr Mitchell’s resignation, said he had decided against forcing an election, adding that he presumed local UKIP supporters had done so.

UKIP Councillors currently hold three of the 15 seats on the Town Council, all of which resulted from defections of Councillors elected as Conservatives.

A list of the persons nominated to contest the vacancy is due to be published on Monday 13th August.

The Meadowbank parish ward includes, amongst other roads, Kemperleye Way, Hawkins Crescent, Snowberry Close and Diana Gardens.

Staging the by-election is likely to cost Bradley Stoke taxpayers in excess of £3,000. It is believed that around 2,250 people will be entitled to vote, although parish by-elections typically have a turnout of less than 30%.

Do you live in the Meadowbank parish ward? Check out the interactive map of parish ward boundaries on The Journal’s Contact your Councillor page.

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  1. Hmm, so given UKIP have three Councillors in Bradley Stoke without having to go to the trouble of asking the electorate presumably they will actually put forward a candidate this time?

    Best of luck to all those who have the public spirit to put themselves forward

  2. Chris, bet they won’t, it will be a Tory who will then move over, that way UKIP don’t have to pay for any costs.

    Thanks to the editor for identifying which one was vacant 🙂

  3. Looks like the Conservatives are taking this by-election pretty seriously – just had Cllr John Calway (Leader of South Gloucestershire Council) and Jack Lopresti MP at the door, canvassing with their candidate Paul Hardwick.

  4. They know they have been seriously damaged by local incompetents, about time Jacko showed his face…

    He must realise he will have a fight on his hands at the next election if they can’t sneak the boundary changes through now.

  5. Could I ask what they were campaigning on?What promises did they offer? Maybe better use of public money, perhaps a youth centre? Or maybe community centre? Or just 30 pieces of Gold to sell to the public of Bradley stoke down the river……

  6. Latest by-election news:

    UKIP supporters were reportedly out canvassing last night. Team of three spotted in our road.

    Tonight we’ve had the THIRD leaflet drop from the Conservative team. A flyer describing their man Paul Hardwick as “the only candidate who lives in the ward” and an 8-page magazine called Family Voice (in the design style of Woman’s Own) full of articles telling us how the police are “protecting you and your family”, thanks to Conservative policies.

    No sign of anything from the Labour candidate yet.

  7. I imagine Labour are targeting the Dodington seat at SGC as a bigger priority?

    Saw a report of Nigel Farage and Neil and Christine Hamilton being seen out in Bradley Stoke on Twitter today, any verification of that?

    I never saw them in Poundland!

  8. Dave, I interpreted Caroline Sullivan’s tweet as letting Nigel Farage know that Neil Hamilton had been canvassing in Bradley Stoke today. Might be wrong though.

    Caroline Sullivan was on Bristol Community Radio BCfm yesterday, talking about the Bradley Stoke by-election. Listen again here (from start of second hour).

  9. Ah yes I read it again, also letting the legendary Christine Hamilton know that he’s be back in time for tea!

    Love that Christine calls herself the British Battleaxe or something?? She frightens me for all the wrong reasons, I can’t help but like her in and odd way!

    That’s a big focus on Bradley Stoke from UKIP anyways. I’ve said it before, but I’m convinced they will blow the Liberals out of the water at the next election, and steal a lot of Tory votes which may favour Labour.

    I note that Bristol Community Radio have been raising Jack Lopresti’s Masonic interests on the Filton Save The Airfield FB page for some reason.

  10. Well after reading what the Tories are campaigning on, I was right they ARE trying to sell the people of Bradley stoke down the river. Paul’s statement, if you could it that, is trying to paint them(the tories) as without power. I would remind them(the Tories) that they with the liberals put in £32million in cuts without knowing where they were cutting and now have the cheek to say its Labour cutting youth services. Pot calling the kettle black, seeing as Bradley stoke town council(Tory controlled) cut youth funding by £38k, and took away the youth centre. Is this Tory standing as councillor or a comedian.

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