Tories hold Meadowbank seat by clear margin from UKIP

Paul Hardwick, Conservative candidate.

Conservative candidate Paul Hardwick has been declared the winner of yesterday’s by-election in the Meadowbank parish ward of Bradley Stoke.

Mr Hardwick ran out a clear winner, with a margin of 111 votes over his nearest rival Caroline Sullivan (UKIP).

The Labour candidate, Robin Horsfall, finished third.

The Liberal Democrats, who held one of the two seats in the ward between October 2008 and May 2011, did not contest the by-election.

The victorious candidate told The Journal:

“I’m delighted with the result and extremely grateful to those who have helped in my campaign. Above all though I’m honoured that the people of Meadowbank have put their trust in me and I look forward to working for them on the council.”

UKIP had been hoping to add to their tally of three Town Councillors, all gained through defection of Councilllors elected as Conservatives at the May 2011 election.

The contest was seen by some as a “power play” between the Tories and UKIP and both of those parties undertook unprecedented amounts of canvassing for such a minor by-election.

The Conservatives are understood to have delivered at least eight different leaflets to the 2,449 electors in the ward. They also called in local MP Jack Lopresti and South Gloucestershire Council leader John Calway to knock on doors.

UKIP responded by bringing in National Executive Committee member Neil Hamilton and South West MEP William Dartmouth.

Cllr Ben Walker (UKIP) told The Journal:

“UKIP are extremely proud of the election result. Although disappointing not to have won, as Caroline Sullivan is an exemplary candidate and would have served the ward well; it took an immense effort from the Tories, even pulling in Regional Party Management to assist and drag out every party supporter.”

“It was interesting to see so many Tories on the streets for a minor by-election. For UKIP, the march continues as we build support and branch membership. We would like to thank everyone who voted UKIP and remain on hand to deal with any issues for any of the residents of Bradley Stoke.”

The by-election result leaves the political make-up of Bradley Stoke Town Council unchanged – with 12 Conservative members and three from UKIP.

Full result of the Meadowbank By-election 2012:

  • Paul Hardwick (Conservative) 251 votes
  • Caroline Sullivan (UKIP) 140 votes
  • Robin Horsfall (Labour) 117 votes

The turnout was 20.8%.

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  1. Congrats Paul Hardwick (Conservatives). Well done.

    Even in midst of the bad publicity, Conservatives proved again, they are the common-man’s choice in Bradley Stoke. People rejected defectors and their selfish designs.

    Thanks to Caroline and Robin for making this election a meaningful one in Bradley Stoke. Viva Democracy.

  2. Never posted before but saw Sue’s comment and had to.

    “The common-man’s choice” What a typically sexist comment from a typical Tory and a load of rubbish to boot.

    The Tories are just a bunch of self seeking ego’s with no more sense of public duty that a rat.

    They closed the youth clubs, spent our money on new offices for the staff and in the past 6 years have done very little for the residents of this town.

    It appears when any one party dominates the council nothing worthwhile is achieved. Role on 2015 when the whole council’s up for election and the people can have their say again. Hopefully at this point Bradley Stoke Town Council will only have Bradley Stoke residents on it and the parties will actually tell us what they want to achieve before they’re elected so we the tax payers can make an informed decision.

  3. I thought the common woman had a vote too!

    May be they were part of the 80% that stayed at home!

    The people on the desk at 1800 last night like looked a bit bored!

    Thanks Editor for the coverage.

  4. Further comment from the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Conservatives:

    “With Conservative candidate Paul receiving almost half the vote, this reflects well on the progress and policies made by Conservative Councillors of Bradley Stoke. His majority of 111, an unlucky number in cricket, proved to be anything but for the former Bradley Stoke Cricket Club chairman.”

    Victorious Conservative candidate Paul Hardwick.

    Pictured at the count for the Bradley Stoke Meadowbank ward by-election is victorious Conservative candidate Paul Hardwick (2nd left) with L-R: Cllr Elaine Hardwick, Cllr Brian Hopkinson and Cllr Tom Aditya.

  5. Where can we get information regarding what streets are in or what the boundaries are of the different wards for Bradley Stoke Town Council seats?

  6. A comment from Labour candidate Robin Horsfall, which arrived after publication of the article:

    “The results were very interesting. The Labour Party decided to stand to get some idea of the support in Bradley Stoke resulting from the national trends and from the local effects of the Coalition’s cuts. We made no effort to campaign and left the Tories to make their questionable and misleading claims against UKIP with their quite racist and objectionable stances.”

    “We were encouraged by the results. The Tory claims in their publicity and leaflets needed to be put to the test and looked at with a critical eye to consider whether they stand the test of truth. We can show they do not and will be back with a positive campaign at the next election when we believe that Labour will sweep the board in Bradley Stoke. We look forward with relish to the next election when we will look to take Bradley Stoke Town Council with an aim of improving the facilities and opportunities for residents, particularly the young people. We also look to supporting what is an inclusive community, embracing all of the multicultural aspects of community of which we can be so proud and which we believe to be one of the strengths of the greater Bristol area. Unfortunately, UKIP and the Tories do not share our vision.”

  7. What ever we say about the result they did win we can’t do anything about it .also when it comes to the big election votes what are the people of Bradly stoke going to do because I know for sure I wouldn’t want labour in charge at all .

  8. The comments made by “Ican’tbelieveit” made me giggle a lot. He was making so many statements in the comments box. They were all just frustrations of a loser. Is he thinking the people in Bradley Stoke who cast their votes are idiots? I felt that he is ridiculing the voters who has spared their time to use their civic rights sensibly and in a legitimate way. They are the committed community minded common people, rather than those who shout behind key-boards.

    If I recall the words of “Ican’tbelieveit”, I feel that that person is alleging me like a criminal or undesirable for believing in a political party. He/She in a futile manner is trying to put all blame here upon the Conservatives. That shows his/her lack of local knowledge or may be a strategy to divert attention.

    I am not a Tory, but a person who likes Conservatives than any other political ideologies at this moment of time. But I don’t understand what is wrong in it. It is the largest single party in the Houses of Parliament, the largest party in local government, and the largest British party in the European Parliament. Even if it doesn’t have any of these statuses, I like its ideology. Anyway, it is one of the major political parties in the country, recognised by the people.

    Again, let me reiterate my point that the election at Meadowbank ward was the people’s choice. It would have been better if more people would have cast their votes. But I don’t think any one stopped any electors from doing it. My two sons, who are away from home is also listed in the electoral register. So, many electors are in the register just to prove their residential things. Considering, the busy life style of our society, 21% turn out is not bad in a local bye-elections.

    If the person behind “Ican’tbelieveit” is that worried about local issues, why can’t he make that voice heard in the Town Council meetings rather than been buried under the keyboards. This is mere coward tactics. I don’t have the appetite or time to do that. Bye.

  9. This is excellent. I watched all the comments on the last story about this by-election too. Im really pleased that Labour stood, but please, instead of a test, stand a real candidate, thats insulting. Ref UKIP, good go, considering its your first time out, well done. taking into consideration the people involved with UKIP and their sucess this time round, i doubt they are going to go away. Now, Tories! dear, dear, the common man????? How the hell can you actually make a statement like that? People have only got to take a quick look at George and Dave to see the Tories couldnt be any further from the common man. You are a bunch of mini hitlers who really dont care about bradley stoke or anywhere else for that matter. The guy pictured in this story (tom), actually knocked my sisters door who promptly shut it. ive noticed him turn up at a few things recently and he floats around anyone who might be important. who the hell elected you? Brian, your looking tired so give it up. Your anti most stuff around here including southern brooks for no good reason. Just concentrate on your waste of time efforts to close off turnings which help no one and cost tax payers money. Based on info from this site, my sister and what i know about the town in which I live, the Tories got lucky last time round and pretty much stand for nothing but themselves. They smear, they lie and they do nothing. They hardly even attend meetings. Ive never seen my councillor Rob Jones (AKA “they arent cutting hard enough). These people dont care about you and me, our children or even our taxes. We even have an MP who knows all about this stuff and wants to close Filton Airfield for more houses. The sooner there is a real alternative the better. Tories are destoying this town and our country in minutes few. soon there wont be much of anything left. good luck to Paul, the new councillor. Hopefully you might attend some meeting unlike your wife (also pictured), oh and paul, your dad asked for his suit back!

  10. Marty smith a lot of what you have written is rubbish ,this government may not have done all the right things as of yet but they have done enough on some things but it’s a lot bloody better than the last lot that were in power for 10 years or so .We may not like what they have been doing but it is what has to be done due to the Labour party making a right mess of it and you think if they got back in power they would be for the common man ,then you are very very wrong

  11. @Marty Smith, as u termed the voters, the hell; it is interesting to know who the hell u are? No one may complain, if people identified you as the pseudo- BNP/ UKIP hoaxer.

  12. @ Happy. I dont think theres any rubbish in what i said. Im no fan of what President Blair did to this country but the same goes for Herr Cameron. I never said Labour do represent the common “person”. I dont think any party do. They have all lost sight of why they are elected. Just interested in climing expenses.

    @ Sue. I had a quick look at who stood when tom stood. not alot of choice! Your good at spinning words, perhaps the Tories have a job for you somewhere. Minister of back stabbing or something much more importatnt like Minister for hush puppies with no office.

    Fact is, your most prob one of the tory agents using a psedudo to smear a anyone who stands against them. The whole BNP thing is disgusting and i cant understand why you have brought it up and why anyone tries to pin it against anyone not actually representing them. grow up.

    Have you ever wondered why people are so turned off of politics? Its because of people like you.

  13. @Marty Smith: your words were filled with mud-slinging politics and were much abusive. Your slanderous personal attacks reveal your uncivilised character. Anyway, U proved what I said. If you are jealous to someone, why bark at us. This is why politics is so maligned.

    As politics is not my job, I don’t need your recommendations. Mind your own business. Bye.

  14. Thank you to everyone who voted it was a great pleasure to go out and meet residents of Meadowbank ward, I am really honoured to be your new elected councillor.

    I consider myself a “common man” working hard to improve my lot, when I first moved to Bristol, It was as a council tenant in the flats at Filton, then to Jordan Walk in Bradley Stoke and as time went by to Hawkins Crescent.

    My ego is pretty small and I will stand up to help out to the best of my ability so long as people want me to.

    With reference to mini Hitler comment, I haven’t got a moustache and care deeply about where I live and as past chairman of the cricket club worked my socks of to ensure it survived and grew.

    A question about Tom Aditiya in the picture who elected him? Strange question as he is a Bradley Stoke Town councillor.

    Brian is one of the most committed councillors I have met, must be one of the “lucky” 15 of 15 Tories who won their seats last time round.

    I’m sure that if anyone wants to meet Rob Jones or any councillor all it takes is a phone call or email to arrange a meeting.

    @Marty, my wife is feeling better from her recent illness and will be attending future meetings where possible. My dad hasn’t asked for the suit back, he has been unable to recognise me for the last 2 years as he has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and is dying in a care home.


  15. How can anyone still be stupid enough to vote for the Nasty Tory Party? And with only a 20% turnout this result should not be allowed to stand. The majority of electors, by not voting, have shown that they don’t want a Tory councillor. And of those who did bother to vote most did not want a Tory councillor either. This minority first past the post system is unacceptable. We want a democratic country.
    And we also need people to challenge the status quo whether or not you agree with them. Get the Tories out and get this country back on track.

  16. Oh my goodness, not much that’s nice here is there on comments. Here is what I was told happened, that Barry a conservative never turned up for meetings, nor did any councillor to stand-in for him, the duty of Elaine Hardwick, a Conservative group leader & wife of Paul. Elaine hardly turns up to meetings either and was very nearly struck off same as Barry. (check the freedom of information on attendance record) I’m all for lazy, no good, over-bearing councillors of ANY party to be booted!
    I’m pee’d off with the Conservatives because of Filton airfield, totally underhand, that no good MP telling people not to support the save the airfirled, yet in same breaths touts he’s all for jobs and welfare of B.S. – do you ever see him around when needed by the people?
    The only TWO people that turned up for the march was Tom Aditya (who I just couldn’t understand) and that Ed Rose (who I hear good things of, he gets stuff done – just ask the Police, got my street sorted), where were those other Councillors? Ben went to the Core meeting and spoke up against the wrong doings for the airfield and has been tireless in support, even though we know now that the Tories have done the deal. A stab in the back for Filton and Bristol.
    Other members of Filton council have been yelled at by that little hitler of an M.P. and his side kick mutley, forget his name as he’s gone, voted out by true-blue Conservatives in the big AGM, and nothing much out of that lot since. The only other two people I have time for is Brian and Sarah, known for 20 years to be working hard for people, as for the rest – hangers on.
    I like Ben as a Conservative, I like Ben as UKiP – I don’t care as he gets things done and isn’t shallow or shy when coming to deal with real issues and on charity too, helped my mates kid, and my neighbour with St Peters Hospice.
    SO – judge on what people actually DO.
    SO – welcome Paul, lets now see if you can best Barry and best your own wifes’ attendance and see you out on the street now that your election is over. Such good hard solid work is the only way to rise above any mud slinging and be an example of what a good Conservative should be. Looking forward to meeting you, cheers Dan.

  17. FYI – Two generations of my family have worked at Filton Airfield, both in engineering, right from the grand days of B.O.A.C. , now retired.

  18. What are your solutions to the issues of voter apathy then Trevor? What is the minimum voter turnout you want for an election’s results to stand? And just which political party do you hold accountable for getting Britain into such serious economic trouble in the first place.

  19. I don’t know how anyone can see this was a representative vote.

    It was only going to be a two horse race, with the “racism” comments probably deciding the matter.

    The Lib Dems did not stick in a candidate, and once again the Labour Party felt that it was OK to jettison in a Non Bradley-Stoker, so shows their lack of priority and support in this Town.

  20. Well anon-e-mouse, I am not into the Tory party’s favourite game of blame slinging though Thatcher’s regime went a long way to laying the foundations for what we have today.

    If whacky Boris wants 50% majority for the unions then why not for elections too, local and national. Lets have a voting system that produces results rather than leaving out people like me who no longer have a representative or voice. I do not believe the low turn out was due to apathy but rather to lack of trust and disgust with people at all levels of politics. I would say that there may be a few decent well intentioned people within the Tory sleeze party but using the Tory banner makes them very misguided and calls into question their sense of judgement.

  21. Trev, I can’t wait until you take up political canvassing and come knock on my doorstep! Here’s a few things you may like to gen up on first of all:

    Thatcher left office 22 years ago.
    Who led this country into an illegal war?
    Who was in power when the MPs expenses scandal broke?
    Who sold off 400 tonnes of the country’s gold at a knock down price 1/7th of todays’s value after pre-announcing his decision so further lowering its price?
    Which Chancellor announced the end of “boom and bust” and lumbered our children and their children with a debt so large it’s measured in the trillions of pounds?

    PS I am no Tory but do love a good bit of banter.

  22. Banter? And why not. Oh and by the way, a few years back (while Thatcher was in no. 10) I did canvass and canvass and canvass, from 10 am to 9 pm daily but not in this area. We were then working our socks off trying to eliminate John Ward. In those days I was a rising star and we did make some inroads into his majority but didn’t succeed in kicking him out. I will say that he did not win his seat through democracy.
    Every Tory cycle brings the same savagery but this current regime is the worst I can think of.
    We are still suffering today from the miles of railway line axed by Beeching. That affected and hurt villages, towns, communities and families with the loss of many jobs and infrastructure. It appears to pall into almost insignificance though compared to the callous incompetent savagery of Cameron and Osbourne. Clegg deserves to be smeared with the same Tory brush too. Oh, and I didn’t think much of Labours civil rights threats either though it appears that much of this was fueled from Brussels.

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