[Forum] The 74 is a great new service – when it turns up!

Number 74 bus at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke.

Have just done an email to Keith Cranney and Roy Steel about the 74 bus service. Just thought I would share it here so the other ‘campaigners’ could see it…….

Just to say thank you for your assistance in getting the No.74 bus service for us. Its nice to have a bus running more frequently.

Our little core group will now start campaigning for a nice comfy seat under cover and with heating, on the Centre so, during the long cold dark winter months, we have somewhere to relax and read whilst we wait for the bus that should come at 5.10 but either never shows or turns up with its 5.35 ‘brother’ to keep it company.

Here’s to the next battle!!!


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  1. I caught the 74 to willow brook yesterday from the bradley stoke pub bus stop waited 40mins. The return bus never turned up at all after waiting in the cold for nearly an hour. I decided to walk home and not one bus passed me on my 35min walk home. I will not be using first bus ever again. First ? lol

  2. I am fortunate to be able to catch either the 73 or the 74 to get me to and from work; however I do have to agree that the punctuality of both services leaves a lot to be desired. After First Group trumpeted about how along the common parts of the route we would get a bus every 10 minutes I have found this to be not the case, especially on my home bound journey. After First’s ad campaign trying to sell us on how the route from Cribbs to the Centre via Bradley Stoke was supposed to be one of their “Showcase” routes it’s disappointing what the reality is.