Willow Brook road humps are a great success, says manager

Speed cushions at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke

The installation of speed humps on the approach road to the Willow Brook shopping centre in Bradley Stoke has completely eliminated accidents, according to the centre’s manager Scott Lahive.

Traffic calming measures were installed on the road twelve months ago, following a series of accidents that the centre said were attributable to speeding.

Mr Lahive reported in a written response to this week’s meeting of the Bradley Stoke Safer and Stronger Community Group:

“Prior to installation there had been 58 reported incidents. In the twelve months since installation there has been 0 (zero)  reported incidents.”

The humps have been criticised for giving drivers “too much of a jolt”. There have also been claims that the obstacles cause damage to vehicles, affecting suspension, steering components and wheel alignment.

Replying to the criticism, Mr Lahive wrote:

“We are unaware of any reports of vehicle damage. It would be unlikely that these bumps cause damage or indeed to apportioning blame to these bumps where the town in general has many.”

Three sets of speed cushions were removed in February, “in order to aid traffic flow”, a move which the centre said had been made in response to customer feedback

Mr Lahive added:

“The situation is continuously monitored. At the moment there are no plans to remove any more of the speed bumps.”

“Whilst we appreciate this may be unpopular, the greatly improved standard of safety speaks for itself.”

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  1. Utter rubbish.

    Only yesterday I saw a Honda overtake by the petrol station on the way out and almost cause a crash.

    The fact his stats are lower is sheer blind luck.

  2. I don’t like them but without them people drive like idiots. Shame drivers can’t stick to a sensible speed around the rest of the carpark…

  3. They haven’t stopped drivers completely ignoring the zebra crossings. You really have to make sure cars have stopped before trying to cross.

  4. Probable reason accidents dropped is either not as many people are using the centre or the fact that often the road is gridlocked.

    I’ve had to replace my suspension coils and yes my engineer said road humps are a major causal factor.

    I now only use the centre when I really have to, otherwise I travel to ASDA at Cribbs – much better value and no humps.

  5. Well, I have had to have a CV joint sorted out earlier this year, and was told road humps were the most likely cause.
    Further, I have a medical problem that means when going over these humps I get very badly and painfully jarred even at very low speeds.
    Because of this, and only when it is safe to do so, which isn’t often, I do try to avoid them by going between the humps.
    I also limit my visits now to the Willow Brook Centre purely because of the humps. Somehow I feel I am not the only who now chooses to do this.

  6. If access to the car park was available direct from Bradley Stoke Way, the need for speed bumps along that ridiculously long access road would not have been necessary in the first place. It would also ease the congestion along Savages Wood Road.

  7. THC, You are right, think may people are shopping else where now, i have never liked the willow brook centre, and lot of money wasted there..The speed bumps has caused more build up of traffic and people driving like idiots, so very surprised they has not been an accident………. Resident… “Petition to open the bus line”, have you ever been down that road lately… People are using it to under take as they don’t like sticking to the 30mph limit… Speed camera’s are need on that road.

  8. No idea how you can knit together the phrase “great success” with “causing some motorists to drive down the middle of the road” obviously not thought it through.

    What would be a help to the flow of traffic is stopping the right hand turn into the area by the recycling bins, as that often is causing problems, with 8-10 cars held up so one driver can turn

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