[Forum] Resident warns of burglaries targeting Asian households

Police Car.


There have been recent cases of burglaries in Bradley Stoke where Asian homes have been targeted.

I know of four cases myself.

This is just to make everyone aware so that any suspicious activities can be reported to police.

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  1. Anupam,

    A friend rang me to inform that there was a comment in the BSJ and hence thought of giving you a response through the BSJ comments box itself as it is quite late now to rang you.

    Thanks for informing me the incident. Yes, It was quite unfortunate. Myself being part of the Police IAG, I have passed on your details to the Police Chief Supt for immediate redressal. Please don’t worry.

    Crime Scene Investigators did attend and house to house enquiries were conducted in the neighbourhood. This was appropriate and proportionate.

    In response to the Asian burglaries, the Police established a special detective unit now. It has also piloted ‘Operation Blue Print’ to tackle this menace. The detectives are working on the crime series full time supported by forensic, analytical and intelligence units of the Police. Avon & Somerset Police shall also work in partnership with Metropolitan Police and other Police forces to detain the offenders.

    The new Police Commissioner has given assurances that burglary shall be dealt with a firm hand. It is a real priority for the Police. In many incidents, the Police were successful in arresting the offenders.

    The Police shall look into new scientific methods to tackle this such incidents in the future.

    Immediately after been informed of this incident, I tried to talk to you, but your mobile wasn’t answering and hence talked to your wife. I hope your wife might have been updated you. After talking to the Police District Commander, I rang you y’day, but couldn’t get you on line.

    If you need further help, please feel free to contact me. I am available for you. My contact number was in the email, I sent you y’day.

    If there are anyone who are concerned with such incidents, please contact me.