WISE Campus hosts national fencing event

National fencing event held at WISE Campus, Stoke Gifford, Bristol.

With no local football surviving the weekend weather, Journal sport reporter Connor Summers turned his attention to important fencing and basketball events in Stoke Gifford.

The WISE Campus, part of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, was the host of a national fencing competition on Sunday (25th November). Competitors from all over the country came to compete for points which allowed them to go abroad and compete in other national events or even as Great Britain internationals.

The competition was a sabre event for under-17 athletes. Sabre is one of the fastest events within fencing, there are three: foil, épée and sabre. Épée being the heaviest form; sabre uses more lunging and foot movement and the sword is lighter than foil.

The duels were great to watch and extremely competitive. Points were awarded for any contact with any part of the blade on the opponent’s upper body. Unlike the foil event, you can use any part of the blade to touch your opponent. In foil you can only use the point of the blade.

The event was watched by James Honeybone and his coach Jon Salfield. James competed at the 2012 Olympics for Great Britain.

Basketball: Bristol Academy Flyers

On Saturday evening, the Bristol Academy Flyers took on Westminster Warriors in a competitive league match. The teams play in the VCARS.co.uk division 1 men’s league. After the game, the Flyers moved up into second place; they have also just progressed through to the national cup semi-final which will take place on 6th December at the WISE Campus.

From what I saw on Saturday the team not only play a really high standard of basketball, but are such a friendly club. After the match they let all the kids at the game onto the court to play basketball and the players were happy to sign autographs, had photos with fans and everything! A really good atmosphere.

It was a league game and they had their first league loss last weekend to Reading Rockets, they lost 81-74 and that stopped a four game winning streak.

The Flyers also had four of their players away with the England squad but the game went ahead nonetheless.

Bristol were making some really good positive movements at the start of the game and took the lead. At the end of the first quarter the score was 15-9, However the Westminster team got the game back in the second quarter. Then a time out was taken at 22-22 and the Flyers rallied. A further time out during that quarter but at half time Bristol went in with a 36-29 lead.

The second half was much the same, the game extremely fast scoring and then getting quite close, at the end of the third quarter Bristol had a 15 point lead with ten minutes to play in the last quarter.

For a minute after that, it was all about Westminster and they drew back to just one point behind Bristol, they then drew level with two minutes two play!

The crowd were chanting and that maybe spurred them on as Bristol then edged ahead and won the game 73-69!

Connor comments

An absolute supreme performance from Bristol, who did loose Tyrone Treasures through injury.

Overall an excellent atmosphere and definitely worth checking out. There next home fixture is the national cup semi-final on the 6th December.

Football: Bradley Stoke Town FC

Bradley Stoke Town FC.

Bad weather meant that no local football took place this week. Only a handful of games took place in the whole of Bristol and rugby was also affected. There was one Bradley Stoke Town FC team that played this weekend and that was the B Team.

The B Team had their game moved to the 3G all weather surface in Bristol. This was obviously not what they are used to as the side were beaten 3-0 by Dodington FC.

Despite the difference in league positions both teams were fairly even throughout the first half until two minutes left on the clock until half time when BSTFC were caught trying to dribble out of their box and a fierce shot eluded the keeper.

In the second half Bradley Stoke had several chances but could not get the ball over the line.

Dodington however scored one from a break, hit the bar and had a shot spectacularly saved by the Bradley Stoke keeper who tipped it onto the post and out of play. They managed to score a third when a striker pushed a BSTFC defender and went on to put the ball into the back of the net.

Netball: Bradley Stoke Netball Club

Bradley Stoke Netball Club.

Congratulations to the junior teams who won their first games of the season!

BSNC 1 lost 24-47 to Roman Glass
Player: Sophie K
Players’ player: Cath Hl
“Opposition this week was top of the table, we knew this would be a tough match. We went out strong, finishing the 1st quarter with a draw, 9 all. The pace of the game was quick, and Bradley did exceptional well to keep up with play. (it must be the Monday night fitness sessions). We must of scared the opposition, as they made changes to their defence line up, putting on the pressure on our shooters. Great play from our defence, we denied Romans scoring 50 goals, I’m happy with that! Well done to Keener for getting MOTM, well deserved, and Hassall for players players.”

BSNC 2 won 56-33
Player: Jeni J
Players’ Player: Sarah H
“Massive smile on my face, seriously awesome performance from the 2nds. Well controlled and sensible netball, a real squad performance and built on loads of things from training. Thanks for the coaching and sideline support.”

BSNC 3 won 47-24 against Bespoke Builders
Player: Lynn
Players’ Player: Rose
“Superb team effort in pretty miserable conditions and with a fair bit of versatility required to cover absent players. Back to winning ways – Captain is chuffed!!”

BSNC 4 lost 28-18 to Bristol and West
Player: Sarah P
Players’ Player: Katie Mc
Its always a close game against this team, and they came out strong in the first quarter, although we matched them after that we weren’t able to make up the gap. A good effort in the cold rain and slipperly conditions! Massive thanks to our supporters and coaches on the sidelines

BSNC U16 won 24-16
“Their first win of the season and a really impressive amount of goals! Well done girls.”

BSNC U14 won 14-11
“Again, their first win of the season, well done girls!”

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