RAC call centre staff angry as firm slashes wages

The RAC building in Great Park Road, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Staff at the RAC call centre in Bradley Stoke claim their employer is planning to cut their wages by between 15 and 28 per cent, according to a report in today’s Bristol Post.

A worker at the centre, located in Great Park Road, told the paper that the company is planning to terminate employees’ contracts and offer to re-employ them on revised terms.

Around 180 people are believed to work at the site.

The RAC is owned by private equity firm Carlyle Group following a £1 billion takeover in 2011.

A spokesman for the RAC said the organisation was introducing a system where people are paid based on their sales performance.

The company says it will be putting in place a period of pay protection to support the transition to the new reward structure.

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  1. The union are in bed with the employers and there does not seem to be any sort of alternate options or any sticking up for workers rights. Talk of strike ballot are being waved away by the union rep saying a vote will never go through. They are tracking everything people do including the words they speak to customers. Every customer and transcript will be recorded, true big brother stuff and no guaranteed working wage.

    Pathetic action by the unions

    VPN, anonymous email and name for obvious reasons

  2. Dear anon

    Please don’t forget the union is its members, if you have a workplace rep who is not representing your views, call a vote of no confidence and replace them with someone who will, if its a union official go over there head to the regional secretary.

    A union is only as strong as the members in it, take back control and give your workplace a voice.

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