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Area Forum to consider Bradley Stoke transport and community projects

Posted on Monday 25th February 2013 at 1:59 pm by SH (Editor)

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A large number of Bradley Stoke transport and community projects stand to benefit from decisions due to be made at a meeting of South Gloucestershire Council’s (SGC’s) Southern Brooks Area Forum this week.

The forum has £100k to allocate to local transport capital schemes and four of the twelve schemes to be considered for implementation are in Bradley Stoke.  In order of assessed priority, these are:

  • Increasing the width of the footway on Brook Way (near The Common and Bradley Stoke Surgery) to mitigate cycle/pedestrian conflict (£17k).
  • Introducing two additional speed tables (reduce gaps in existing calming to reduce noise) on Baileys Court Road (£60k).
  • Kerb works to eastbound approach to the Woodlands Lane/Pear Tree Road roundabout (£41k).
  • Traffic calming measures in Ormonds Close/Ellicks Close (£60k).

The twelve proposed schemes have an estimated total cost of £559k, so it is unlikely that all, if indeed any, of the Bradley Stoke schemes will be selected.

Also on the list of schemes is a proposal to increase the speed limit on Hatchet Road, Stoke Gifford, from 30mph to 40mph, at a cost of £15k.

Bradley Stoke organisations that stand to benefit from the forum’s small revenue grant scheme include: Bradley Stoke Woodcraft Group, Bradley Stoke Youth FC, Stokes Cycling Club, Bradley Stoke United FC, BOBBS Breastfeeding Support, Bradley Stoke Radio Limited and the 1st Bradley Stoke Scout Group.

Bradley Stoke Woodcraft Group has asked for £1,040 to help fund the setting up of a new ‘Pioneer’ group for 10-12 year-olds. SGC officers have recommend that £570 be allocated to the group.

Bradley Stoke Youth FC would like £1,425 to provide specialised football coaching for children with disabilities and special needs. The sessions take place at Bradley Stoke Community School and Meadowbrook primary School. SGC officers have recommend that £1,212 be allocated to the football club.

Stokes Cycling Club has asked for £2,998 to improve the capability of the club in supporting novice cyclists. The bulk of the money would be used to pay for six members to undergo cycle leader training. SGC officers have recommend that £2,000 be allocated to the club.

The youth section of Bradley Stoke United FC would like £3,000 to encourage under-6s to get involved in non-competitive football. Eight club members would receive training to FA Coach Level 1. SGC officers have recommend that £2,147 be allocated to the club.

BOBBS Breastfeeding Support wants £500 to enable it to continue meeting after March, as it will no longer be able to use the Children’s Centre. Most of the money would be used to pay for room hire at an alternative venue. SGC officers have recommend that the full amount of £500 be allocated to the club.

Bradley Stoke Radio Limited has asked for £3,000 to help run the station during the 2013/14 financial year. Running costs include insurance, rent for the studio, statutory licence fees, administration & stationary, phone line and internet. SGC officers note that the radio station “has received significant funding from South Gloucestershire over the past few years” and recommend that £500 be awarded to cover the cost of renting the Brook Way studio from Bradley Stoke Town Council.

The 1st Bradley Stoke Scout Group would like £760 to fund room hire for its Explorer Scout unit, which was founded a year ago. SGC officers note that the unit has 20 young people as members and “a strong following of adult volunteers” and recommend that the full amount of £760 be awarded.

The forum has £32k to allocate and has received a total of 30 small grant applications amounting to £53k.

The New Homes Bonus is an additional source of funding available to the forum this year and three Bradley Stoke community projects have been put forward by the Town Council for consideration:

  • Provision of a family/picinic area in the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve at a cost of £4,600. The plan is to provide “two robust picnic benches set in concrete base areas with disabled access to each of the benches from the main path”.
  • Provision of disabled access at the Beacon Playscheme, Jubilee Green at a cost of £8,200. The money would be used to upgrade the path between the Jubilee Centre and the play park, where a new ‘youth structure’ is due to be built.
  • Widening of the shared pedestrian/cycle path outside Brook Way Activity Centre, at an estimated cost of £1,800. [Ed: This looks like a duplicate of the local transport capital scheme mentioned above, albeit at a much lower cost.]

The Southern Brooks Area Forum meeting takes place on Tuesday 26th February at the Greenfield Centre, Winterbourne, starting at 7pm.

The forum’s area of responsibility covers Bradley Stoke, Filton, Frenchay, Stoke Park, Patchway, Stoke Gifford and Winterbourne,

More info: Agenda for the Area Forum meeting on 26th February (SGC)

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7 Responses to “Area Forum to consider Bradley Stoke transport and community projects”

  1. Resident evil Says:

    Please please no more speed bumps on baileys court road, don’t see how they reduce noise either.

  2. NeilB Says:

    “….Also on the list of schemes is a proposal to increase the speed limit on Hatchet Road, Stoke Gifford, from 30mph to 40mph, at a cost of £15k….”

    How can a few speed signs and possibly some white paint possibly cost £15K on a stretch of road that is barely half a mile long!!!!!

  3. SH (Editor) Says:

    Probably due to the fact that to implement the scheme, the Council would have to draw up and publish plans, publish a traffic regulation order, run a public consultation (or two) on the plans and traffic regulation order, analyse and respond to the consultation feedback, prepare a report for the appropriate committee … and then put a few signs up.

  4. Phil Holes Says:

    Re Hatchet lane…. What will probably happen is that as soon as the speed limit is raised, then some bright spark will ask for for speed humps to be installed to calm traffic down to an acceptable level to compensate for raising the limit.

  5. Phil Holes Says:

    Re Baileys court additional speed humps…. Can we have them painted yellow please to waste a bit more money?

  6. SH (Editor) Says:

    Bradley Stoke North Cllr Ben Walker (UKIP) doesn’t sound too happy about whatever went on at tonight’s Area Forum meeting:

    “Thanks 2 #Tories, South Glos Area Forum where money is spent roads & small community grants is rigged! Making a public forum undemocratic.”


  7. NeilB Says:

    I have lived in this area for many years and I do believe that Hatchet Road was a 40mph road for many years (or am I wrong) so putting it back from 30 to 40 ought to be easier but…..

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