[Forum] Worried motorist’s appeal to cyclists with no lights

Bicycle lamp.

Dark wet rush hour and I pass cyclists wearing black clothes and NO LIGHTS!

Please be considerate to all road users and make sure you can be seen.

It is a legal requirement for cyclists to have working lights, but sadly not a requirement for them to have insurance.

Who gets the blame when a cyclist gets hit???

Worried motorist

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  1. Most cyclists have 3rd party liability insurance as part of their house insurance policy. It’s a misconception that they are not insured.
    I agree about the lights though.
    Also, as a cyclist I find other cyclists with incorrectly angled headlights and ridiculously bright headlights a nuisance.

  2. And they need lights on front as well as back of bike as cars pulling out of junctions can’t see them coming, or cars in narrow lanes can’t see them coming!

  3. I see them daily when I’m walking from work. They seem seem to stick to the pavements but it really is dangerous. saw one today who was going pretty fast and turned into the bridge at Parkway as people were walking the other way.

  4. Similarly joggers / runners (or even pedestrians in general) in dark clothing with no reflective bits on … and wearing headphones! Deadly. If you can’t make yourself seen at least make sure YOU can hear traffic …please!

  5. Unbelievable how ill-prepared some people can be. Giant in BS, Tescos, Aldi all sell modestly priced lights which will get you seen. My bike is lit up like a Christmas Tree from the rear, with 2 bright lights at the front. However, it would help if motorists would clear windscreens & side windows before setting out, and perhaps look up from the smartphone from time to time to check on what’s in front or to the side of them. Wouldn’t want to interrupt someone’s texting, tweeting or cereal just on safety grounds 😉 !

  6. On a typical cycle commute home I will see a couple of cyclists without lights, and they are almost always teengagers for whom I assume lights just aren’t viewed as cool.
    The range and design of cycle lights has increased significantly in the last few years so you can now buy ones that are small and fully removable and even lights which look quite nice. If you have a son who cycles any light he might consider using is more important than brightness.

  7. Keen (and i think considerate) driver. And cycle to work. And lit up like a Christmas tree. But twice I got cut up today by drivers focused on getting to the next traffic jam before me. Cyclists and drivers all as guilty and oblivious as each other. A little bit of consideration would go a long way to making the roads safer for everyone.

  8. I see a lot of cyclists with lights front & rear sometimes flashing, but there are far too many with no lights at all & no reflective clothing. With many street lights now being turned off at night they are risking their lives. Therere not enough police to enforce it. I was driving along the Ring Road ( a 70mph dual carriageway) & spotted a guy riding wearing a dark coat. The lights had been turned off & i almost hit him because the lights on on-coming vehicles dazzling me it could have been carnage. There was a report on Traffic Cops where a man was killed riding on an unlit dual carriageway without lights wearing dark clothing. The police report said it was almost impossible for the car driver to see the cyclist.