[Forum] Bothered by “invasive” cooking smells in north Bradley Stoke?

The Greencore food processing plant in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Bothered by the smell of cooking?

Is anyone else affected by the strong odours which come from the Greencore site [in Hawkley Drive, north Bradley Stoke]?

The smell of onions cooking can be quite invasive, sometimes so strong it can be tasted and the need to close windows and bring laundry in is inconvenient.

The council have investigated and found no real problem. I’ve been told that I’m the only complainant, which I find hard to believe.

If you are bothered by these smells and the 24/7 noise 365 days a year caused by lorries visiting Greencore, why not contact our Council’s Environmental Health Department?


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  1. The factory is 400 ft away from any housing and is located in ‘Woodlands Business Park’. What would you expect from living opposite a business park? There are multiple businesses in the area which have regular lorries and vans operating and frankly the traffic noise is equal to that of the motorway just 50 meters away from the business park.

    Perhaps your sense of smell is merely a little sensitive. There is little that can be done to remove 100% of the cooking smell of a factory that supplies soup to the entire country. Consider that the factory is a primary source of employment for the area and be thankful that there is a source of income for people in the food industry.

    Maybe the smell was less distinct when Yankee Candle was in operation prior to their moving to Avonmouth, I doubt the smell of fragrant wax was to you disliking. But then that would only upset someone else who prefers the smell of vegetables in the morning.

    I myself live near Willow Brook, where the lorries sometimes park on the pavement at midnight with the engine running near the apartments there. During peak season there can be a trail of lorries leading up past the petrol station. That of course is nothing compared to the sound of drunk people leaving the pub at 2am during the summer. So maybe consider that actually you aren’t in such a bad situation and can’t expect to live in beautiful harmony in a picturesque, silent, lavender smelling neighbourhood and just deal with it like the rest of us.

  2. In response.
    When planning permission was initially granted for the Bradley Stoke housing development it encompassed permissions for “offices and warehousing”. Many years latter our council granted permission for a “change of use” from warehousing to a food processing plant without asking resident due of the 100mtr rule. The lorries that serve Greencore site run through one of Europe’s largest and most modern housing developments. The factory runs 24/7, 365 days a year. the smell,noise and traffic affects many people. We should not have to endure any of these annoyances. We are long time resident of Bradley Stoke living here since 1989. If you have issues where you live you don’t have to “live with it” Do something like we have.

  3. Whilst complaining is perfectly within your right, what exactly do you wish them to do about it, what is a complaint actually going to achieve? The simple fact is you can’t just demand industrial sized filtration systems to remove non harmful organic odours from the air, and if you wish to divert the lorries then it will be our tax money paying for new roads and access points, as well as further road works adjacent to the motorway which has already suffered heavy maintenance over the past few years.

    Asking a company to simply ‘move’ is no easy matter for the few hundred of staff working there, the demand of the tens of thousands of customers they serve, and the fact they have recently purchased the property for which you speak of. You might as well start complaining that KFC smells like chicken.

    I’ve lived on busy roads all my life, and frankly Bradley Stoke is the quietest area I’ve lived in, even with the many lorries that pass directly in front of my home and the drunkard who make nuisance during the summer. If I complained about every lorry, and bus I’d be dismissed due to the thousands of people who actually rely on these services. Should I complain about the drunkards during the summer I’d be harassed by those who adore the pubs as part of their community. The fact is no matter of its reputation, that factory is a part of Bradley Stoke now and a few lorries a day and a smell of onion is not exactly the end of the world.

    As you say, this was one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing communities in Europe, how exactly does one PROVIDE for those who are accommodated within that development? With large sources of employment. Yankee Candle migrated, and the place has been empty for some 2 or more years now. With some 18,000 people in Bradley Stoke, a factory like this is needed. It’s not like you’re living next to a railway or a slaughter house for goodness sake. ¬_¬

  4. My question was “Are you bothered by cooking smells” If you aren’t bothered then this doesn’t concern you, but in response to your points.

    Who says these odours aren’t bad for us, definitely not you. Some people claim the odours from this factory make them feel ill or sick. It can and does affect some people, to my knowledge several asthmatics ARE affected.

    To date no one has suggested diverting the hundreds of lorries that frequent the site and if they did the burden of cost would fall upon the (non UK owned) factory in question.

    Again the important fact is that the houses were here before this food preparation plant was granted planning permission. The residents should of been asked and they weren’t.

    BTW, If you are bothered by pub goers why not do some thing about it and start a new thread, should you be harassed or intimidated call the Police.

  5. The problem of this cloying smell is not new. I am one of those who object to it and involved South Glos Environmental Health about it some years ago. All credit to them they obtained a resolution and Greencores emissions were few and far between. I now understand the problem which has reoccurred is due to “saturated filters” due to the weather. If Greencore want to be better neighbours to those who live in the vicinity perhaps they should adopt a policy of better housekeeping and if they cannot contain this offensive stink perhaps they should suspend production until they have rectified the problem.

    My wife suffers from chronic asthma and last week was extremely ill because of this. Environmental Health are taking this matter extremely seriously and I suggest you contact them and get reprt sheets so you can monitor this yourself.

    I also have lived in Bradley Stoke since 1989 so I am not a newcomer trying to find something to complain about.

  6. there’s a load of research suggestin them alkylsulfonic acids in onions have an anti-asthmatic effect. inhibits histamine release, reduces inflammation, strengthening capillaries. science is awesome…

  7. Are you a scientist or Doctor then banicoot? All I can say is the effect it has on my wife and the enjoyment of my property.

  8. I love the way some people are telling us to deal with it! The smell is disgusting (I live in Westfield Way). I have to close all the windows and let washing dry inside. And the best is that this “food factory” was involved with the Horse Meat scandal! Sometimes we should remember that we are protected by the E.U against this things: There is environmental laws and the awful smell can be considered as contamination. Maybe for the UK it is not, but for E.U it is. Anyway, i invite you to my house to smell the lovely food perfume! Beautiful. Houses should loose value in that area because really: do you want to live around that!

  9. I had wondered where the oniony smell was coming from. I live in Central Bradley Stoke and have occasionally smelt this, although only over the past couple of months. It has been fairly strong down here so must be quite bad nearer the factory ( I thought that they were growing onions in the fields across the motorway!)
    I sympathise with the residents near there that lived there before the change of use in factory.

  10. Clearly “Whysoserious” doesn’t live near the factory or he/she would be peed off with the stench from this factory. Its really lovely when you are sat out in the garden in the summer month when the aroma of onions etc cooking wafts your way.
    There are ways of mitigating such odours and there may even be a planning condition on the original planning permission requiring the operator to control odours. Its the responsibility of S.Glos Council to enforce breaches. This smell has been going on for years.
    I and many objected against the industrial units being given planning permission in the first place but the then Northavon Council ignored us because business rates are more important than residents views and quality of life.