[Forum] Scavenging seagulls becoming a nuisance in Bradley Stoke

A seagull can be well adapted to the city environment.

There seems to be an awful lot of seagulls around Bradley Stoke this year! I’ve never seen so many!

We were sat in our garden enjoying a BBQ in this beautiful sunny weather we are luckily having [1] when above us were five or six seagulls obviously waiting to scavenge our leftovers. Obviously, we didn’t feed them and would encourage others not to feed them either.

They were a nuisance and made us feel nervous we were going to be a target of their mess. Plus while they were around we didn’t see any of our usual wood pigeons, blackbirds or sparrows.

Please can The Journal make a point of asking our fellow Bradley Stoke residents NOT TO FEED THE SEAGULLS! Thank you 🙂


[1] Editor’s note: This post was submitted on 7th August. Apologies for the delay in publishing.

Stock photo: A seagull in the city. [Credit: Henrik Sendelbach; source: http://bit.ly/1ptm5US; licence: CC BY-SA 3.0]

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  1. Couple of weeks ago coming past Baileys Court Pub there were loads on the grass. Then just on the cricket field there were hundreds more. Reminded me of Daphne du Maurier short story The Birds.

  2. Surprise surprise!!!! Increase in fast food outlets decrease in bins being emptied. Also it’s ok to put dog’s ends waste product in the rubbish bins now, nice aroma as you stand next to a bus stop, which really helps with people using the bus service.
    Seagulls only go to a food source and now we have an overkill of them in and around Bradley stoke what do BSTC thinks going to happen, it’s going to blow away in the wind. Remember what they defecate is a health risk and the damage they cause to our property and cars is unacceptable, just to remind you that they now live in Bradley stoke their dawn chorus what a joy. So why doesn’t BSTC be quick to act. Its not happening in their back garden as they all don’t live here!!!!

  3. Well said JB, Bradley Stoke is going the right way to getting an unhealthy reputation, not sure that’s quite what the councillors had in mind! The town is definitely growing in more ways than one!!

  4. Well, you obviously have very tame blackbirds, pigeons and sparrows if they come into your garden when you are having a BBQ. I do put food out for blackbirds, pigeons and sparrows and sometimes gulls take it. What do you suggest I do then? Put a little sign up saying ‘not for the gulls’ ?

  5. Birds will be birds. Not really got any issue with the birdlife, or any of the local wildlife for that matter.

    Where do people get the idea that wildlife shouldn’t trespass into our land or eat our food waste that gets left around? Hunt the foxes, cull the badgers, eat the deer and for goodness sake don’t feed the birds! Whatever next? Really, nervous of a gull? It’s about time that people just appreciate seeing some wildlife as in a few more decades there won’t be much left at the rate we are paving a concrete jungle across the world.

  6. Have to agree with lolololol!
    Maybe if there wasn’t so many humans around then animals wouldn’t be forced into supposedly encroaching on our assumed territory!
    Make the most of our wildlife because once we have destroyed it, we have started to destroy our future too. Planet cannot survive with humans alone but it could survive perfectly without us!