Vodafone to take over former Phones 4u store

The former Phones 4u store at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke is to re-open as a Vodafone outlet.

The former Phones 4u store at the Willow Brook Centre in Bradley Stoke is to re-open under the Vodafone banner before Christmas, the shopping centre has announced.

The unit has been closed since Monday 15th September, following news that the whole Phones 4u business had been put into administration.

The collapse of Phones 4u followed a decision by mobile network EE to stop selling phones through the network-independent retailer, following similar moves by Vodafone, O2 and 3.

The administrators issued a statement on 19th September confirming that 140 Phones 4u stores had been sold to Vodafone. This was followed by a further announcement, on 22nd September, that 58 stores had been sold to EE.

The locations of the acquired stores were not revealed in the two announcements, but a list of the 362 unsold stores issued on 23rd September did not include the Willow Brook store, leading to speculation that it might soon re-open under either the Vodafone or EE banner.

On 6th October, a BSJ reader reported that she had received a text from EE saying they were opening a new store within one mile of her home in the Baileys Court area of the town, leading to speculation that EE would be taking over the Willow Brook store. However, a source at the centre told The Journal they had yet to be contacted by PwC, the administrators of Phones 4u.

News that Vodafone will be taking over the store was revealed today in a tweet by the Willow Brook Centre.

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  1. Like I’ve been saying, we simply haven’t got enough phone shops. Why there isn’t a separate shop for every mobile brand in Bradley Stoke, I don’t know!

  2. Interestingly, I notice that Vodafone have been doing some work out on Bradley Stoke Way (near Willowbrook Centre), next to the existing phone masts. I wonder if a new Vodafone mast will also be going up here.

  3. Interesting .. I lost Vodafone reception in Bradley Stoke about 15 month, not sure why, but a hole appeared in their coverage map in central Bradley Stoke.

    I was given two options, buy a Sure Signal device or go for a walk to receive calls and texts. I took the third option and left Vodafone.

  4. Indeed, Vodafone coverage is rubbish in BS-cental area, as I am stuck with them for now 🙁
    G – is their favourite data speed. So it is pointless as it very slow.

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