[Letter] Apprentice let down by bus service seeks daily lift to Charfield/Wotton

Reader's letter (Bradley Stoke Journal).

Dear Sir,

I am a 16-year-old apprentice living in Bradley Stoke but working in Charfield. I have to make the daily journey to Charfield by bus. I have been catching buses to Charfield since September and the services are never good. My previous bus service (310/311) was revoked by First Bus and they put the 82 service in its place. Ever since this, I have been waiting for up to an hour or more some days just for the bus to arrive. If the bus does come so very late, it sometimes terminates at Yate and I have to pay for another bus.

This week [ending Friday 5th December], four journeys out of six have not arrived at all. On return journeys, I’ve often had to travel to Cribbs then catch another bus back to Bradley Stoke due to no 82 arriving. I cannot go on using these services as it’s affecting my apprenticeship.

Is there anyone living in Bradley Stoke who travels to the Charfield/Wotton area on work days who would be able to give me a lift?

I am willing to pay and my start/finishing times are flexible. I can be contacted on 07934 712484.

Yours faithfully,


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  1. I am so glad there are people around that can help. I grew up in Charfield and to get to town or anywhere else outside of the village by bus was a nightmare. The last bus back is around 5.30, so no chances of enjoying a night out without the expense of a £30 taxi.

  2. I suggest you contact the personnel department at Renishaws in Charfield. This is a large company employing many people. I am sure someone will be commuting daily from Bradley Stoke and could help you with a lift.

  3. Thanks for all the help and offers. I now have a lift share with someone who works at Renishaw. Busses out of the ‘Inner Zone’ certainly are not worth trying to use on a day to day basis. Many thanks to all.

  4. @Adam, Thanks for letting us know that your appeal for a lift share through The Journal has been successful. It’s great to know that we are able to connect people in our community in ways like this. All the best for your future career!