[Letter] ID checks at council’s recycling centre a step too far?

Reader's letter (Bradley Stoke Journal).

My husband took some items to the local recycling unit this morning, as we missed the collection last Friday. We are keen to recycle as much as we can and have used this facility for the 27 years that we’ve lived in Stoke Gifford.

Despite the fact that the automatic registration number plate registered our vehicle correctly, he was stopped by a council worker and asked to produce either a photo driver’s licence or a local household bill before he could enter. The same was happening to other vehicles.

As we carry neither of these documents with us, it was suggested that we return with some form of identification!

I feel very strongly that this is a gross infringement of civil liberties and it takes ‘Big Brother’ to another level! I have been asked by a police officer to see my licence but never a council worker!

Our concern is that this may encourage further fly tipping where people who are denied access may well dump items instead of driving home and then back again with identification.

As law abiding citizens, we have always paid our taxes and supported measures to make our locality a safer and more pleasant place to live. I would be grateful if you could raise this in your magazine and see if other residents feel like us – that it is a step too far!

Jane Johns

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