Yarn bombers call on residents to “adopt a lamp post for Christmas”

Yarn bombing on Patchway Brook Roundabout in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

The team behind the recent ‘Bobbly Stoke’ yarn bombing stunt in north Bradley Stoke is calling on local residents to support them in a new project that will see lamp posts and signposts in the town adorned with Christmas decorations.

One member of the team, Caroline Sullivan, told The Journal:

“After our bobbly hat success, the ‘adopt a Christmas lamp post’ idea is causing a lot of interest. I’ve even heard from an after school kids’ club who want to adopt a couple, along with a number of other children! They shall be ‘appearing’ over the next couple of days! It would be great if other schools and clubs could pick a few lamp posts near them.”

“My advice to decorate is: Pick a safe lamp post that the children can access; don’t make the decoration too big so it causes an obstruction to passers by; and don’t cover any official sign already on the lamp post.”

“If you could maybe let anyone that enquires know this, we could be looking at some fantastic displays in Bradley Stoke for Christmas!”

Another team member, Julia Fillis, added (on the BSJ Facebook page):

“Buy or make a decoration and put it on a lamp post. You could use a piece of a fir tree and tie a bow onto it, or make a snowflake out of white plastic. Try to put it quite high up or it may be removed by children (as we found with the hats).”

“The weather forecast says very windy again, so we’re holding off putting ours out yet. We bought Santa’s Washing Line which we’ll tie between the trees on the roundabout and several other decorations. Hopefully it will be up by the weekend.”

Members of the public are invited to join the yarn bombers tomorrow (Saturday 13th December), to help decorate signposts on Patchway Brook Roundabout (near Aldi). Meet on the Pear Tree Road side of the roundabout at 12noon.

Will you be decorating the lamp posts in your street? Send us your photos!

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