Bristol City FC players undergo oxygen treatment in Bradley Stoke

BCFC player Mark Little inside the oxygen chamber at the West of England MS Therapy Centre in Bradley Stoke.

The West of England MS Therapy Centre (MSTC) in Wheatfield Drive, Bradley Stoke has recently been welcoming players from Bristol City Football Club (BCFC), who have been using the Centre’s Oxygen Treatment chamber in a bid to reduce post-injury recovery times.

Most recently, defender Mark Little has been having sessions in the chamber to speed up his rehabilitation from a hamstring strain, in the hope that he will be fit to return to action in some important upcoming fixtures. Other key players including Kieran Agard – one of the club’s top goal scorers – and midfielder Korey Smith have also had sessions to aid their recovery from injury.

Oxygen treatment has long been used to speed up the healing of sports injuries, with many premiership football clubs investing in their own treatment chambers. Without sufficient oxygen, the strength of the tissue repair is much weaker than normal. In order to get more oxygen into the blood and speed up the healing process it is necessary to use a special pressure chamber like the one used at the MS Therapy Centre.

As BCFC’s Head Physiotherapist, Steve Allen, says:

“The high number of matches we play puts massive physical pressure on the squad, so it’s more crucial than ever that we keep our key players fit and do all we can to ensure they recover quickly from injury. We’re really fortunate to have the West of England MSTC’s oxygen treatment chamber so nearby to help us achieve this.”

Treatment for sports injuries is offered via The Bristol Therapy Centre Ltd, a trading arm of The West of England MSTC.

The Bristol Therapy Centre Ltd operates in support of the MSTC, a charity which offers various therapies to help people with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions manage their symptoms.

Some of the therapies, including oxygen treatment, are also available to people with non-neurological conditions such as arthritis, as well as for sporting or post-operative injuries. People attend the centre from Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and even South Wales.

To find out more about oxygen treatment or the other therapies available, contact the centre on 01454 201686 (Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm) or via email at

Photo: BCFC player Mark Little inside the MSTC oxygen chamber.

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