Bradley Stoke in Bloom report for October

Bradley Stoke in Bloom mascot Orlando sits on the 'candy strip' carpet laid to suppress weeds in a rose bed on Brook Way.

An update from Sara Messenger of the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group.

Brook Way rose bed

We took on this rose garden (near the doctors’ surgery) as one of our first projects and have been rather pleased with its improvement, although the area does take up a lot of man hours with pruning, planting and weeding. After many long hours spent weeding only to watch the little blighter’s spring back taller than before, it was suggested that we use ground cover to suppress the weeds. So when a local company asked if we could use their old carpets we jumped at the chance, not only are we saving the carpet from landfill but hopefully cutting back on our workload. Not wanting the area to look untidy we have carpeted the flower bed in ‘candy stripes’ which took quite a bit of work but we think was well worth the extra effort! So thank you to Andrew, Ceri, Pepi, Plamen & Sarah for all their hard work, it’s already been admired quite a few times.

B-Lines project

You may have noticed our new insect hotel on Brook Way / The Common East, this and our wildflower planting is part of the B-lines project, which is a partnership between Buglife and Avon Wildlife Trust, and is part of the wider B-Lines initiative, identifying and then developing a UK-wide network of wildflower-rich meadows and grasslands. Unfortunately, someone chose to help themselves to some of the plants we’d put in, but Almondsbury Garden Centre came to the rescue and donated some replacements.

Almondsbury Garden Centre also donated several hundred wall flower plants which have been shared between Palmers Leaze corner, Manor Farm Roundabout, the rose garden and the play area on Jubilee Green. It was rather back breaking work, but it will be well worth the effort when they flower in the spring.

Brushcutter and strimmer training

Several members of the group went on a brushcutter and strimmer training course provided free to voluntary groups by South Gloucestershire Council. The day long course was at the beautiful Breakheart Quarry (near Dursley) and covered everything from maintenance, repairs, personal protective equipment (PPE) and health & safety before Ceri, Andrew, Colin and myself were finally let loose with the equipment! The bramble didn’t know what had hit it and we all passed with flying colours. We are now looking at the possibility of getting our own power tools!

Bradley Stoke Lions Club

BSiB were contacted by Lion president Ailsa for help with their project to plant a million bulbs by 2017. BSiB, Ailsa and VP Robin met up at Almondsbury Garden Centre who gave the Lions a BOGOF offer resulting in a trolley with 730 bulbs! If you know of a spot that could do with brightening up, or you are willing to give us a hand planting them in November, please let us know.

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  1. Isn’t it a shame and disgrace that with the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group doing such a good job, somebody has come along and willfully damaged much of the hedgerow along Brook Way, leaving a terrible mess and eyesore.

    Wait a moment…. that was work authorised and paid for by the local council?

    With the area having so much brick and concrete, we should be cherishing the greenery we do have.
    Who contracted for such sub-standard work, for with our council tax?
    Why was the work not over seen and stopped when the amateurish approach was observed?
    What will be done to make the best of such a bad job? (and who’ll pay).

  2. Couldnt agree more its a total disgrace , certainly a very amateur job, again paid for out of our taxes, its exposed a load of damaged and horrible fences, which i have no doubt the owners/tenants will not make good.

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