1st Bradley Stoke marching band starts!

Marching band tuition at the 1st Bradley Stoke Scout Group.

By Nick Nelson of the 1st Bradley Stoke Scout Group.

We are very pleased to announce that our plans for starting our own Scout marching band have now come to fruition and band practice began in the first week of January. Eleven keen young players are now learning to play instruments under the expert guidance of band leader Richard Shepherd and fellow music teacher Glen Mills (both leaders in the group). In only a few weeks, our young people can already play a recognisable tune and are even beginning to learn the basic steps and commands involved with marching. There is also plenty of time for fun and games that are all aimed at developing listening and other musical performance skills.

We couldn’t have come this far, however, without the continued help, support and expert mentors that have been supplied by the 37th Kingswood Drum Corps. Their own young players are an inspiration to our beginners and are proof that playing music is cool!

Winning the Bradley Stoke Community Connection Award from Vodafone and the Bradley Stoke Journal was a vital step to the creation of the band and we would like to thank everyone who supported us with this.

Marching band tuition at the 1st Bradley Stoke Scout Group.

More photos on the Facebook page of the 1st Bradley Stoke Scout Group.

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  1. A very worthwhile and commendable activity.

    Back in the 1980s my younger brother was part of the Bristol Unicorns Marching Band and they took their abilities all round the world.

    Aim high young musicians!

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