MetroBus construction: Progress in June

MetroBus construction work between Primrose Bridge and the Willow Brook Centre in Bradley Stoke.

By Jim Aitken, community liaison officer at Alun Griffiths Ltd

I am pleased to report that the left turn from Woodlands lane into Bradley Stoke Way was reopened on 31st May. This has helped alleviate some of the traffic issues, and rather than drive around Pear Tree Road, it is easier for many to turn left and go around Patchway Brook Roundabout to return up to Aztec West.

Discussions with Bristol Water have informed Griffiths that their works on the diversion of the water main will be completed by the end of July, enabling Griffiths to finish the Woodlands Lane junction completely to all traffic.

There are still works to complete on the southern verge (dependent on Bristol Water) and the central reservation prior to the road being surfaced, signals installed/commissioned and traffic loops cut.

The junction cannot be reopened in a temporary state, as the junction signals needs to communicate with the signals on the Aztec West roundabout. This can’t be done with temporary signals. Without this communication, there would be no control over the traffic signal interface, which would have serious effect on the traffic to the A38, Bradley Stoke Way and the M5.

The Woodlands Lane junction is now anticipated to be fully opened in November.

We are currently working in accordance with phasing plan 4.1, but have also recently completed additional work on the splitter island at the Woodlands Lane junction.

Griffiths has been granted extended working hours from the planning department of the South Gloucestershire Council. Where the construction programme will benefit, we will make use of these extended working hours to expedite the delivery of critical areas of the construction. These hours are likely to take more effect when Bristol Water have completed their work.

We have had council consent to extend our work ahead of schedule further along Bradley Stoke Way to mitigate the delay in Woodlands Lane and utilise resources.

The newts have been relocated, which has enabled us to progress along the eastbound verge of Bradley Stoke Way heading towards the Willow Brook Centre. These works will be completed prior to commencing on the westbound verge around September. Two-way traffic will be maintained throughout.

Great Stoke Way is complete, apart from the final surfacing works. The timescale for this is dependent on agreement of traffic management with South Gloucestershire Council, but is currently programmed for August. This will only be up to one week’s work.

Photo: MetroBus construction work between Primrose Bridge and the Willow Brook Centre.

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