MetroBus construction report (August 2016)

New bus lane on the northbound carriageway of Great Stoke Way, Stoke Gifford, Bristol.

By Jim Aitken, community liaison officer at Alun Griffiths Ltd.

Bradley Stoke Way

It is with much frustration that we have had a further delay in the widening works for the nearside lane of Bradley Stoke Way (BSW) towards Aztec West Roundabout, previously reported in the August BSJ magazine. The uncharted gas main discovered due to testing once Bristol Water vacated the verge has been confirmed as a live main by Wales & West Utilities (W&WU)and potential diversion works maybe required, for which W&WU are currently planning a schedule of works. At the time of writing, we are still awaiting a confirmed commencement date.

The completion of the Woodlands Lane junction is reliant on the completion of the widening works in the above mentioned nearside lane and Griffiths cannot make significant progress until the further utility issue has been addressed.

Good progress is being made further along Bradley Stoke Way. We have tied in our construction works to the existing pedestrian crossing by the Willow Brook Centre. The widening works have gone well, with 90 percent of earthworks completed. Kerbing and ducting, including street lighting columns, are ongoing, along with headwall work.

Work has commenced on MetroBus bus stops further along BSW. We are currently building the southbound stop at Great Meadow Roundabout, which should be completed by the end of September. Only one dedicated gang is working on one bus stop at a time to minimise disruption and further traffic management along BSW.

Great Stoke Way

Ninety-five percent of works on Great Stoke Way are now complete. Great Stoke Way is now fully surfaced and white lined. The new bus lane needs to be fully commissioned before removal of the traffic management cones, being now the only traffic restriction in this area. Some permanent signage is still to be installed (during week commencing 12th September) and some further finishing works will be undertaken.

Stoke Gifford Transport Link (SGTL, a.k.a. ‘By-Pass’)

The widening works on the A4174 Ring Road have been completed ahead of programme and has minimised the duration of the traffic management in preparation for anticipated greater volumes of traffic with the return of schools and UWE. The remaining work will be undertaken over the winter; this will consist of the erection of traffic signals and some surfacing and white lining once the junction becomes live.

Works on the Maules Lane junction with the A4174 are due to commence shortly and are required to enable new kerb lines and civils works. It is not anticipated this will cause any disruption to the A4174.

Second stage earthworks are now under way on the main SGTL carriageway, between Ham Brook and Tudor Lodge. We are taking full advantage of the current dry weather conditions to shape and compact the verges prior to the installation of ditches and fences. Ducting operations are also being carried out for traffic signals, CCTV, street lighting etc.

Lighting works are also ongoing with columns already installed from Ham Brook to Tudor Lodge. Griffiths are now awaiting the two other contractors to hand over the bridges they are working on within the SGTL construction area so we may commence the earthworks for the final 30 percent of the project.

Hambrook Lane

The 30mph restriction now begins east of the new junction with the SGTL.

It is important to note that we will need to close Hambrook Lane again in the winter, for a few days only, to allow final surfacing of both the lane and the SGTL. Further notice of this will be given in due course.

Photo: New bus lane on Great Stoke Way, heading north towards ‘Rabbit Roundabout’.

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  1. MetroBus should be scrapped and the millions spent on it used to subsidise existing bus services including restoring the X74. People living in Little Stoke have no bus to Willow Brook Shopping Centre. I live in Braydon Avenue and used to catch it to Tesco or a quick convenient trip to Broadmead. I caught the bus into the Centre on Saturday to watch the Tour of Britain cycle race, journey into Bristol not too bad, but the driver didn’t know the way from UWE into Bristol. Three buses to get home, UWE, 16 then 73 over one and a half hours, I could have done it in 35 minutes on the X74. I know the X74 was lightly used but they could make it an hourly service and not run it on Sundays. I try to catch the bus if possible but feel I will have to use my car instead but many don’t have access to a car.

  2. It is the same old story again, with the same people being yet again without a bus service in the lower section of Brookway…can’t the X73 which runs at peak times be extended to the whole day at half hour intervals so that people will at least have a bus service.
    Another matter that springs to mind, and that is once the Metro Bus is operating could the bus 73 be put back onto the full length of Brookway again?
    Wishful thinking!!!!

  3. Bradley Stoke has a population of 25K, add in Little Stoke and Stoke Gifford and you have 45K people, and one bus to town, the longest route of any bus in the First Bristol Bus network. Cribbs Causeway to Temple Meads is ridiculous.

    It is about time that one or two buses looped UWE, BPW, Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke and Stoke Gifford, Aztech West and Cribbs Causeway. This bus could then link at BPW/UWE with a fast bus to town or a train.

    Currently, the only options are drive and pay parking, a 90 minute bus journey or a 15 minute train journey from BPW.

    Bus is not viable in Bradley Stoke!

  4. Simon. I fully agree with you …a circular bus around the northern area taking in the areas you have mentioned with Willow Brook Centre for shopping…and then calling in at Bristol Parkway Station to then make a connection with a lot of other buses to travel further afield if you need to…we really need something like this urgently…come on councilers, please sort this matter out.

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