‘In Bloom’ volunteers adopt ‘Aztec Triangle’

Bradley Stoke in Bloom volunteers at the 'Aztec Triangle'.

An update from Sara Messenger of the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group.

Like many of you, we were rather fed up of staring at grubby traffic cones forlornly guarding muddy piles at the Aztec West roadworks, so we’ve started a new project which we call the ‘Aztec Triangle.’ We know it’s more of a trapezoid or an irregular quadrilateral than a triangle, but I have trouble spelling those words!

We were told by the contractors “no trees or deep rooted plants” as there are cables underground, so I’m assuming the tree they themselves planted has special short roots!

It’s a work in progress, as although the weather was kind for once, by mid-afternoon on our August workday we were running out of steam. This may have been caused by the heavy work, although I suspect it had more to do with being weighed down by the large amount of cake we ate to celebrate Andrew and Sarah’s birthdays! It was a great day with many people stopping to chat or take tea with us, or offering to water the plants. We’d also like to thank Almondsbury Garden Centre, Vanessa, Maureen and Nicola for donating plants and shrubs to the project.

Planting at the 'Aztec Triangle' in Bradley Stoke.

Top photo: Bradley Stoke in Bloom volunteers at the Aztec Triangle (located where the footpath from Oaktree Crescent joins Bradley Stoke Way, opposite the Woodlands Lane junction)

Tree Charter

Bradley Stoke Town Council has persuaded us to join forces with them as they have signed the ‘Tree Charter’. More than 70 organisations have created a Charter for Trees, Woods and People that will guide policy and practice in the UK. We believe the people of the UK have a right to the many benefits brought by trees and woods. The new Tree Charter, launching on 6th November 2017, will recognise, celebrate and protect this right.

We have already collected many signatures from both young and old(er), and later this year we plan to plant a Community Orchard between Trench Lane and the Paddock Close playground. If you are interested in joining us you can find more information on the town council website at www.bradleystoke.gov.uk/tree-charter.php

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