Preventing a repeat of winter burglary spate

Cllr Tom Aditya addresses a public meeting called to discuss a surge in burglaries in Bradley Stoke.

Mindful of the unprecedented number of burglaries (16) which occurred in Bradley Stoke last November, town councillor Tom Aditya has requested that local police step up high-visibility patrols, deploy unmarked cars and ramp up intelligence work to combat organised burglary gangs.

In an open letter written jointly with local resident Dr Hemanth Balehithlu, organiser of a public meeting held in January to discuss last winter’s spate of high-value gold burglaries in north Bristol, Cllr Aditya goes on to urge the public to be vigilant and report any unusual activities in their neighbourhoods.

Cllr Aditya points out that, contrary to popular opinion, most burglaries occur during the day, when people are out at work. He advises all homeowners to review their security measures and avoid leaving obvious signs that their property is unoccupied.

Photo: Cllr Aditya addresses the public meeting in January 2016.

Bradley Stoke burglaries Oct 2016 to Sep 2017.

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