More record-breaking GCSE results at BSCS

Photo of some of the top-performing students.

Students at Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS) are celebrating another exceptional set of GCSE results, with 16 percent of all grades awarded being at the highest possible grade 9 level and 26 percent at grade 7 or above.

The school reports that this year’s results set a new ‘best ever’ standard, in terms of both progress and attainment.

A number of subject areas have performed exceptionally well this year, with an impressive 82 percent of students achieving a grade 4 or above in both English and maths. English results continue to be a particular strength, with 93 percent of students achieving a grade 4 or above. Maths and science departments continue to thrive; with an impressive 87 percent of students in science and 84 percent in maths achieving a grade 4 or above.

BSCS headteacher Steve Moir commented:

“We are all incredibly proud of our students’ achievements and that their immense hard work has paid off to produce another brilliant year of results.”

“There are so many success stories, not just from the individuals in the spotlight for achieving the top grades, but for every young person who has surpassed their own personal targets and made remarkable progress.”

“This success is also the result of the dedication and commitment from our amazing staff, as well as the parents and families of our young people who do so much to help and support.”

Olympus Academy Trust chief executive officer Dave Baker added:

“BSCS has produced another strong set of results to continue the trend of high achievement from the students. I would like to congratulate the students but also thank the staff as this would not be possible without them being willing to go the extra mile for their students, especially in the context of incredibly challenging budgets.”

Outstanding individual performances

  • Lydia Tang 8Gr9, 3Gr8
  • Jamie Summers 8Gr9, 2Gr8, 1Gr7
  • Harleen Gulati 8Gr9, 1Dist, 3Gr8
  • Bethan Phillips 6Gr9, 5Gr8
  • Sophie Chambers-Graham 5Gr9, 4Gr8, 2Gr7
  • Emilia Gonzalez-Vindel 2Gr9, 7Gr8, 2Gr7
  • Lilya Mimoun 2Gr9, 6Gr8, 3Gr7
  • Anna Tilsley 3Gr9, 4Gr8, 2Gr7, 1Gr5
  • Sophie Reynolds 2Gr9, 5Gr8, 3Gr7, 1Gr6
  • Hollie Smith 2Gr9, 4Gr8, 5Gr7
  • Mahad Kashif 3Gr9, 3Gr8,1Dist, 2Gr7, 2Gr6
  • Sebastien Deliot 3Gr9, 3Gr8, 3Gr7, 2Gr6
  • Sarah George 2Gr9, 4Gr8, 4Gr7, 1Gr5
  • Lewis Hays 3Gr9, 1Dist, 2Gr8, 2Gr7, 3Gr6
  • Matthew Inman 2Gr9, 4Gr8, 2Gr7, 3Gr6

Photo – Back row (l-r): Sarah George, Matthew Inman, Mahad Kashif, Sebastien Deliot, Lewis Hays and Hollie Smith. Front row (l-r): Lydia Tang, Jamie Summers, Bethan Phillips, Emilia Gonzalez-Vindel, Lilya Mimoun, Harleen Gulati and Anna Tilsley. [View hi-res on Facebook]

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