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Bradley Stoke People

Mayor's Charities - PresentationJulian Barge

Bradley Stoke Town Councillor (since 1999)  and former Bradley Stoke Mayor (2003 to 2005 and 2007 to 2008). General Manager at Bradley Stoke Surgery.

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Mayor Mark ForsythMark Forsyth

Bradley Stoke Town Councillor (since 2007)  and current Bradley Stoke Mayor.

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Sandra Hobson (a.k.a Sandra Scott)

Bradley Stoke Town Councillor (since 2003)  and former Bradley Stoke Mayor (2005 to 2006).

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Councillor Robert JonesRobert Jones

Bradley Stoke Town Councillor (since 2006)  and former Bradley Stoke Mayor (2008 to 2009).

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Cllr Ben WalkerBen Walker

Bradley Stoke Town Councillor (since 2007) and former Bradley Stoke Mayor (2010 to 2012).

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Charlotte Walker

Bradley Stoke Town Councillor (since 2011) and Bradley Stoke Mayor (since 2012).

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Jon Williams

Bradley Stoke Town Councillor (1992 – 2007 and again since 2008)  and former Bradley Stoke Mayor (1996 to 1998 and 2000 to 2001).

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