Candidate Profiles

North ward (6 seats)

David Addison (Labour)

[Profile extracted from district election leaflet]

I moved to the area in 2004 having worked in the area since 1999. I’ve been involved with the local community ever since and have become familiar with all the areas of Bradley Stoke. Using the local roads means that I’m very aware of the limitations of the road network and the local public transport routes. If elected, I intend to work to deliver improvements to both the roads and buses to benefit the residents of Bradley Stoke.

Liny Aditya (Conservative)

Liny works for the NHS for the last 19 years, lives in Bradley Stoke and is an ardent parent and homemaker who has been active in the church groups and the local community associations. She has been in the forefront amongst the ethnic women’s groups to spread the message of social harmony. She is a passionate campaigner of the Blood and Organ donation movement and is closely involved in providing healthier provisions for children with special needs as well as with renal transplant patients. Liny has been involved in activities that reduce social isolation and loneliness amongst the community and advocates for better care of the elderly. She pursues for better school-funding and supports the new SGC budget provisions of further £208 million to enhance school services. She wants to represent the views of local people in the community and is keen to listen to the diverse views of the residents. She is also interested in finding ways to innovate and ensure quality service provisions for the community. Liny Aditya’s presence in the Town Council will make Bradley Stoke more healthier and stronger.

Deanna Cohen (Independent)

– No profile available –

Fabrizio Fazzino (Labour)

I moved from Italy to Bradley Stoke in 2010, living in Ormonds Close first and then in Ellicks Close. As an electronics engineer, I worked for a few years on the Aztec West Business Park, experiencing all the traffic caused at rush hour by the continuous roadworks; then I moved to a new job in the city centre and after driving into town for a couple of years I eventually switched to using public transport to try and see for myself if the Metrobus scheme really works as promised.

I joined the Labour Party several years ago and then more recently the Co-operative Party, which unfortunately is not very well known to most (in short: it encourages people to co-operate and to work in co-operatives, which are businesses owned and run by their customers and staff).

I share my young daughter’s subscription to the Fabian Society, although I’m not bright enough to understand all the philosophical discussions. She attends BSCS (the Bradley Stoke Community School), while my younger son attends Bowsland Green Primary School. Despite their age they have both been helping me deliver hundreds of leaflets since 2015.

I feel very strongly and campaign for better funding for the NHS and education.

Tony Griffiths (Conservative)

– No profile available –

Gurmit Gupta (Conservative)

– No profile available –

Elaine Hardwick (Independent)

I have lived in Bradley Stoke since 1995. Married with three Children 7 Grandchildren.

I was elected in 2011 and 2015 to Bradley Stoke Town Council.

In 2016 as Chair of Council, I re-visited the consultation on Brook Way Tennis Courts. The majority wanted extra parking. I got this passed.

Held a series of meetings with residents to form a group called Bradley Stoke in Bloom.

I helped to keep Bradley Stoke Town Council Tax to “0” by voting against any rises.

Been involved with bringing on board a Youth Co-Ordinator, being on the committee for the Skate Park and other Youth projects.

Giving grants to local Community Groups

I have been involved in many more projects here are some. Fireworks, Bradley Stoke Festival, Carnival.

I am standing as an Independent to bring the politics out of the Town Council.  Putting the Town residents first and foremost

I would like to see more younger people on Council, so we have more diversity, their voice is just as important.

Giving more for the elderly in the Town.

Extending the Community School so pupils from Bradley Stoke are given priority

More zebra crossings around Bradley Stoke especially near schools.

Brian Hopkinson (Conservative)

Dear Residents, I have been both one of your Town Cllrs and District Cllrs for the last 12 years.

In that time, I have been involved with many projects which I have taken forward with my District Cllr Partner Sarah Pomfret and colleagues which I would like to give special mention to here. They include Mark Forsythe, Tom Aditya, Roger Avenin, Tony Griffiths,  Keith Cranney, Franklin Owusa-Antwi and John Ashe.

I have also served as your and made several changes to the way in which our area is tidied. Invented the first Bradley Stoke International Carnival and the bed push which unfortunately against my wishes is no longer a regular event due to health and safety.

I am standing again as an ordinary Town Cllr. I would like to reopen the bid I made to use the old netball and unused for years courts at Brook way for a new Community owned Building.  One which would be run by the community and be large enough for amateur theatre a proper home for our radio station and a good space for Incredible Kids. This to be done by external funding and not at the cost to Bradley Stoke but of good benefit to us.

I have always said if you a good team around you can achieve almost anything.  The Conservative line up for this 2019 election is a good one and I urge you to vote for the full team.

Franklin Owusu-Antwi (Conservative)

– No profile available –

Terrence Port (Independent)

– No profile available –

Jansen Roy (Conservative)

Jansen is a youth campaigner, who is fuelled to create a vibrant community atmosphere. He believes that a strong community enables the individuals within to feel safe, thrive and achieve collective goals otherwise unattainable. He is working as a youth leader for a church community and under his leadership, the youth group organised numerous projects from brainstorming to implementation; and recently raised over £1,500 for an international flood relief cause via several fund-raising events. He is eager to create a strong social network for young people and hence co-ordinating a residential camp for all youth members in the South West region to build camaraderie and unity.

Jansen is a confident public speaker and was the winner of the English-speaking Union Debate Competition in South West England. He was invited as a Guest Speaker to Orchard School Bristol as part of World Speech Day and he is hungry to spread a message of growth mindset and believes a community’s shared voice has immeasurable power to enact change. His service will be an asset to the Town Council.

Ben Walker (UKIP Make Brexit Happen)

– No profile available –

Andy Ward (Independent)

– No profile available –

Simon Waters (Labour)

– No profile available –

South ward (7 seats)

Tom Aditya (Conservative)

Tom is a passionate community-campaigner who relentlessly raise voice for the people of Bradley Stoke and its ecology. He sincerely involves in community activities and genuinely contributes to resident’s wellbeing. He advocates for social harmony and holistic development of Bradley Stoke.

Tom holds high-attendance record in council meetings and civic programmes; and relentlessly raises voice for people’s needs and concerns. He supports council-tax freeze and pursue financial prudence and efficiency in council-spending. While he served as Chairman of BSTC planning committee, he provided arrangements for upkeep of town’s highway verges, when SGC axed that service and took initiatives for town’s beautification and conservation. He was successful in bringing new public transport links for the town, and part of town’s faster-broadband campaign. He has been in the forefront to call attention of police against burglaries and anti-social activities; and was effective in finding solutions to fight it.

Tom as a volunteer still spearheads to establish crown-post-office and for upkeep of the Nature-Reserve-Lake in Bradley Stoke. He advocates to reduce town’s traffic congestions and parking problems by better planning and infrastructure development. For more information, please browse Please elect Tom Aditya to make a positive difference in Bradley Stoke.

Roger Avenin (Conservative)

I have lived in Bradley Stoke for over 28 years and have been privileged to serve both as a SG District Councillor (4 years) and as a Town Councillor (12 years).

As a District Councillor I was Chair of the Audit & Accounts Committee and am also an active member of the Development Management Committee (Planning). For the Town Council I was Chair of the Finance Committee for 3 years in a row and became Mayor for 2015/6.

Currently we are campaigning against the development of Woodlands Golf course and the severe roads humps recently installed at the Willow Brook but have been involved in a whole range of issues affecting Bradley Stoke and the wider area. Conservatives have recently introduced the Metro Bus service, have secured additional funding for Schools, and obtained further funds for road re-surfacing.

If I could make a plea it would be to ignore the current turmoil at the national level and focus on LOCAL issues. We believe we have performed well overall and have been true to the Conservative ideals of obtaining maximum value for money and the concept of financial prudence.

If you agree please come out and support us on May 2nd.

John Bradbury (Labour)

– No profile available –

Tom Bulkeley (Labour)

– No profile available –

Theresa Cullen (Conservative)

– No profile available –

Natalie Field (Labour)

– No profile available –

Nikki Hallur (Conservative)

Nikki is a writer and linguist, as well as a parent. She started living in Bradley Stoke from 2004, whilst working at Bristol University in undergraduate recruitment. Nikki is a graduate from Cambridge University. She enjoys interacting with the local community while writing a few pieces for the Bradley Stoke Journal over the years. She interviewed head teachers, residents and even met pets that make a local impact! Bradley Stoke has developed hugely and become very diverse. It has a lot of cultural variety and she wants to help enhance this with better dialogue and integration. She worked for the council in the past, in the libraries and youth centres. She also cares about local schools and road safety. Definitely, Nikki Hallur will bring a positive perspective to the Town Council. 

Casey Hardwick (Independent)

– No profile available –

Michael Hill (Conservative)

I have spent most of my working life on the public relations staff of the Ministry of Defence. Before moving to Bradley Stoke I lived in Northampton where I served on the County and Borough Councils. I was Mayor of Northampton in 2009-10 and also served as deputy leader of the Borough Council.

I also served as chairman or vice-chairman for libraries, highways and town planning.

My wife Margret and I have an adult son and moved to Bradley Stoke two years ago to be nearer our family. This was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We enjoy walking our cockapoo in the Baileys Court area and having a chat with other dog walkers.

This is a great place to have a home and I believe decisions are best taken at Town council level. If elected  I will do my best to ensure our town remains one of the best places to live in the South West.

Dayley Lawrence (Labour)

– No profile available –

Christine Phillips (Independent)

– No profile available –

Daniel Povey (Independent)

– No profile available –

Ben Randles (Conservative)

For over 5 years, I have had the pleasure of sitting on Bradley Stoke Town Council and serving you; our community. 2018/19 has been a relatively special year, as I am currently the Mayor of Bradley Stoke. As Mayor, value for money and fairness for all in the community has been the foundation of my approach. We have kept council tax precepts as low as possible, Conservatives are running the council in a healthy financial position, the financial outlook is stable; we are not spending above our means. We lead the way on transparency, we go above and beyond legal requirements for showing you how we spend your hard earned money; publishing all expenditure below £500. Services and community assets in Bradley Stoke are developing, we fight for the individual and support our residents. We actively lobby large organisations to improve and maintain the quality of life for all in Bradley Stoke, successfully punching above our weight on several occasions. If re-elected, I want to continue this work that I find very rewarding, interesting and care about. I look forward to seeing how we all build the Bradley Stoke of tomorrow, where we are a beacon of opportunity and success.

Edward Rose (Conservative)

– No profile available –

Kulwinder Sappal (Labour)

[Profile extracted from district election leaflet]

I have lived in Bradley Stoke for almost 20 years and am proud to be involved and active in the local community. I am passionate about achieving social justice for all, making a real and lasting difference in the community and ensuring that local residents can influence decisions that affect them.

Marion Ward (Independent)

– No profile available –

Stoke Brook ward (2 seats)

John Ashe (Conservative)

I am proud to be the longest serving Bradley Stoke Town Councillor. I moved here from Stoke Gifford in 1992 with my wife Dawn and 6 month old twin sons. There is no where else I would rather call home and I am determined to ensure our town remains one of the best places to live. I am involved in two campaigns at the moment.

The first is challenging the proposed Woodlands Golf Course development of 2000 houses with the developer providing no extra roads. This is not part of South Glos Council’s future plans and will bring traffic chaos to our town.

 The second I have just started is against the vicious speed bumps installed on the approach road by the Willow Brook Centre where more gentle ones would be more than adequate to protect the pedestrians on the crossing.

Keith Cranney (Conservative)

– No profile available –

Jenny James (Labour)

Jenny is a local resident, who you might recognise from your trips to a local charity shop where she is a volunteer. Jenny is also involved in other local groups including as co-ordinator of 2 local Neighbourhood Watch schemes, founder of the popular Friends of Meade Park group and of the newly established Friends of Stoke Gifford Play Parks group. Jenny is always looking for ways to make a difference in the community and is a regular volunteer for environmental groups such as Bradley Stoke in Bloom and Friends of Forty Acres as well as being a church warden and helper at the MS Centre in Bradley Stoke.

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