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[Forum] Revised airfield planning application: No reason for 30-storey building

Posted on Friday 2nd June 2017 at 11:13 pm by NellyG (Forum)

Artist's impression of Filton Airfield redevelopment.

I read with interest in the May issue of the BSJ magazine that the new owners of the airfield want to build a 10- and 30-storey building. This reminds me of a 1985 drama called ‘Blott on the Landscape’. I will be objecting to this and I would urge others to do the same.

The 30-storey block will be six times higher that the surrounding buildings and will I believe will be the tallest building in the whole of Bristol. I can see no reason for either the 10- or 30-storey buildings, unless, of course, they want to make mega money. Should hate to think of the extra traffic this size building will generate.


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[Letter] No objection to proposed helibase

Posted on Monday 6th July 2015 at 3:46 pm by Mary Hawksworth (Forum)

Helicopter of the the Western Counties Air Operations Unit.

With reference to the article in the June edition of the BSJ magazine concerning the proposed new helicopter base at Almondsbury (‘Councillors demand noise barrier if new helicopter base approved’), I live at Woodlands Park and have no objections whatsoever to the siting of the new base.

We have lived here for eight years and have never been troubled by aircraft noise. There is more noise from the traffic using Woodlands Lane.

I see that 90 percent of the site will remain grass, which is a much better proposition than the field in Trench Lane that is covered by solar panels, which I find offensive.

I would be interested to know how the people who object to this proposed development would feel if they ever needed these emergency services.

Mary Hawksworth

This letter originally appeared in the July 2015 edition of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine, delivered FREE, EVERY MONTH, to 9,500 homes in Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke and Stoke Lodge. Phone 01454 300 400 to enquire about advertising or leaflet insertion.

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[Forum] Almondsbury helibase: Air ambulance chief’s comments challenged

Posted on Thursday 11th June 2015 at 12:32 pm by Julian Stinton (Forum)

Great Western Air Ambulance.

In response to the previous Journal news article ‘Councillors demand noise barrier if new helicopter base approved‘.

Thank goodness for Caroline Sullivan raising this matter with the people of Bradley Stoke.

The Great Western Air Ambulance is a superb adjunct to the NHS in saving lives in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset and Bristol. It is therefore a great shame to see comments such as you have received from the chief executive officer of that charity which demean its high ideals.

In Almondsbury’s parish magazine, the Lich Gate, just a couple of weeks ago there were equally outrageous comments submitted in the name of the charity, which implied that if Almondsbury succeeded in blocking the green belt invasion it would be responsible for killing people!

Luckily, our MP, Jack Lopresti has organised a public meeting for 7pm on the 19th June at the BAWA Club on Southmead Road in Filton and everyone is welcome. This also has the force of a required consultation, which will be taken into account by South Gloucestershire Council when considering the Almondsbury planning application. Your readers will be very welcome to come along, their voices will be heard and they will be informed of the real circumstances.

Before dealing specifically with the GWAAC comments, you should be warned about the BAE Systems’ quote that “it is necessary to relocate the helicopter base because leaving it at the airfield would lead to the loss of approximately 400 residential dwellings and a significant proportion of affordable housing” (within the new development).

This is just incorrect – from the submission of the original Filton Airfield application on the 6th October 2014 to the revised documents of the 8th May 2015 there has been no change in the number of dwellings – 2,675 residential dwellings and up to 24ha of commercial use – and at all times the requirement to house the helicopter base somewhere on the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood was part of the Supplementary Planning Documents issued by South Gloucestershire, initially an absolute requirement, later negotiated down to “if an alternative site cannot be found”. The 400 house loss if the helibase is at Filton really means: “If it is not at Filton, 400 extra houses and better profit.”

More: Lack of understanding as to what green belt means »

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Councillors demand noise barrier if new helicopter base approved

Posted on Tuesday 9th June 2015 at 2:40 pm by SH (Editor)

Helicopter of the the Western Counties Air Operations Unit.

Bradley Stoke town councillors have demanded the provision of noise attenuation barriers for Woodlands Park and Ormonds Close should plans for a new helicopter base near the Almondsbury Interchange be approved by South Gloucestershire Council (SGC).

The new base would serve the needs of the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) and National Police Air Service (NPAS), whose helicopters are currently based at Filton Airfield.

BAe Systems, which owns the airfield and is intending to redevelop it with 2,675 residential dwellings and up to 24ha of commercial use, says it is necessary to relocate the helicopter base because leaving it at the airfield would lead to “the loss of approximately 400 residential dwellings and a significant proportion of affordable housing [within the new development]”.

The decision came after Cooks Close resident Caroline Sullivan asked for the planning application to be considered by the town council’s Planning Committee on the grounds that residents in north Bradley Stoke had not been properly consulted by the applicants, Alder King (acting on behalf of BAe Systems).

Ms Sullivan described the proposed site as “totally unsuitable” due to its location within the green belt and said that residents in Woodlands Park in particular would be affected by the noise of helicopters taking off and landing, due to the poor soundproofing of their [‘park home’ style] properties.

The committee stopped short of raising a formal objection, on the grounds that the town council is not a statutory consultee as the site lies in another parish.

Scores of residents in Almondsbury have lodged objections to the application and an e-petition titled ‘Protect Almondsbury Greenbelt from BAE’ has so far attracted more than 160 signatures. Points raised by the objectors include: unjustified development of green belt land, potential noise pollution, and the possibility of motorists being distracted by aircraft movements.

Local MP Jack Lopresti has also opposed the move, saying that he expects BAe Systems to honour a written guarantee, given at the time the airfield’s closure was announced in 2011, that a new home would be found for the air ambulance on the airfield site.

More: GWAAC boss says Almondsbury site is the only one suitable »

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