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Clean sweep for Conservatives in Bradley Stoke

Posted on Friday 6th May 2011 at 8:40 am by SH (Editor)

Conservative supporters celebrate victory in Bradley Stoke

The Conservatives are this morning celebrating a remarkable clean sweep of all the District and Town Council seats in Bradley Stoke.

The town’s five seats on South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) are now held by Conservatives after Ben Walker beat Jon Williams (Liberal Democrat) by a comfortable margin of 139 votes in Bradley Stoke North.

Bradley Stoke Central & Stoke Lodge was held with large margins by Brian Hopkinson and Sarah Pomfret, while John Ashe and Robert Jones comfortably held Bradley Stoke South.

Reflecting a national trend, Liberal Democrat candidates were beaten by both Labour candidates in Bradley Stoke Central & Stoke Lodge and by one of the two Labour candidates in Bradley Stoke South.

In South Gloucestershire Council as a whole, the Conservatives gained one seat, Labour gained six seats and the Lib Dems lost seven, leaving the overall picture unchanged, i.e. no party with an overall majority but the Conservatives having the most seats.

Conservative candidates won all 15 seats on Bradley Stoke Town Council, gaining two seats from the Lib Dems and one held by an independent. Jon Williams (Lib Dem), a Town Councillor for more than 17 years (excepting an 18 month break in 2007/08) failed to gain re-election, losing out to Keith Cranney in the Stoke Brook ward.

Photos from the count at the Leisure Centre: album; slideshow

Full results: Local Election (SGC)

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Voting underway in Local Elections & AV Referendum

Posted on Thursday 5th May 2011 at 7:40 am by SH (Editor)

Polling station at Brook Way, Bradley Stoke

Bradley Stoke has seven polling stations open today for voting in the 2011 District & Town Elections and the national AV Referendum.

The local polling stations (open until 10pm) are:

  • Brook Way Activity Centre
  • Jubilee Centre, Savages Wood Road
  • Holy Trinity Church, Broad Croft
  • Baileys Court Activity Centre
  • Evangelical Church, Baileys Court Road
  • St Joseph’s Centre, Juniper Way
  • Church of Christ the King, Mautravers Close

Voters in Bradley Stoke are choosing representatives for both Bradley Stoke Town Council and South Gloucestershire Council, in each case for a four-year term.

For information about the local candidates and their parties’ manifestos, visit our Bradley Stoke Local Elections 2011 page.

The Journal will be reporting LIVE from tonight’s count at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, starting at around 10:30pm.

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AV Referendum: ‘No’ camp shouts the loudest in Bradley Stoke

Posted on Wednesday 4th May 2011 at 8:57 pm by SH (Editor)

NO to AV campaigners in Bradley Stoke

Supporters of the NO to AV campaign have been shouting the loudest in Bradley Stoke in an effort see off the possible introduction of the Alternative Vote method for selecting Westminster MPs.

Local MP Jack Lopresti and Conservative activists manned a stall in the Willow Brook Centre on Saturday 16th April, where they distributed leaflets describing AV as a “Lib Dem fix”.

Speaking to The Journal, Mr Lopresti described himself as a passionate supporter of the current first past the post system, saying it is “clear, unambiguous and fair”, adding:

“AV will lead to more coalitions and give the Lib Dems a disproportionate say over who runs the country.”

Asked for the view of local Yes campaigners, Bradley Stoke Councillor Jon Williams (Lib Dem) told The Journal:

“The Lib Dems have made their case quite clearly and without resorting to untruths and personal attacks.”

“A Yes vote will provide Britain with a fairer voting system and one that will make representatives work for the whole community, not just a chosen few. Although not PR, it is a step in the right direction.”

More information and related links:

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Election Week: More Town Council candidates this year

Posted on Wednesday 4th May 2011 at 6:50 am by SH (Editor)

Bradley Stoke local and dsitrict elections 2011

With 29 candidates contesting 15 seats, this week’s Town Council election could potentially throw up a few changes on the local political scene.

The Conservatives have the greatest number of candidates (15, the same as in 2007) and are the only party with the potential to make a clean sweep.

The Labour Party, not currently represented on the Town Council, puts up a surprising eight candidates (six more than in 2007), while the Liberal Democrats have six candidates (twice as many as in 2007).

The Conservatives had an easy ride in 2007, winning seven seats in uncontested wards. This year all seven wards are being contested so they may find it harder, although they are certain to win at least three seats because the other parties combined field fewer candidates than seats in two of the wards (Woodlands and Lakeside).

Of the twelve current Conservative Councillors, five are not seeking re-election, so a majority of their candidates this time round are ‘new faces’.

The Liberal Democrats are losing one of their two current Councillors, so five of their candidates are newbies, although Meadowbank candidate Sachin Singhal contested a by-election for them in 2009.

As previously reported, four ex-Mayors are amonst the seven Town Councillors choosing not to seek re-election for another four-year term.

Read on to find out how many candidates actually live in BS »

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