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Mum launches petition for safer road crossing

Posted on Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 10:01 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Esther Huke guiding children and parents over the uncontrolled crossing point.

A local mum has launched an online petition calling on South Gloucestershire Council to install a zebra crossing on Brook Way, between its junctions with Merryweather Close and Dewfalls Drive.

Photo of Esther Huke, dressed as a lollipop lady.

Esther Huke says the current uncontrolled crossing point at this location is dangerous to use because the road is very busy, particularly during the times of the ‘school run’, and vehicles do not stop to allow people to cross. More generally, this section of Brook Way has a high accident rate, with two traffic island bollards and a road sign having being knocked over by vehicles within the last month.

The crossing point is well used by children walking to the nearby Wheatfield Primary School, but also by members the general public heading to and from the Willow Brook shopping centre.

Esther says she would like to allow her 11-year-old daughter the independence to walk to school on her own but doesn’t feel she can due to the risks posed by the current crossing.

In addition to launching the petition, which has attracted over 200 signatures, Esther has been raising awareness of the issue by dressing as a lollipop lady, complete with a homemade stop/go board. Although she says she has found drivers “more respectful” when she is there is help people cross, there was one occasion when a car was approaching a speed and she wasn’t sure it was going to stop.

She also points out that it is not just schoolchildren and their parents who are at risk as the crossing is used by many elderly and disabled people throughout the day.

Although her petition calls for a zebra crossing to be installed, she says that a light-controlled crossing would be preferable. A raised table crossing, like the one further up Brook Way near the Wheatfield Drive junction “wouldn’t really help as you still need to wait for cars to stop”.

More: Map showing location of crossing. Link to the online petition. »

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Stoke Lodge pupils play the ‘Game of Chance’

Posted on Tuesday 14th July 2015 at 9:47 pm by SH (Editor)

Pupils at Stoke Lodge Primary School take part in the 'Game of Chance' road safety show.

Pupils at Stoke Lodge Primary School have recently taken part in the ‘Game of Chance’, a fun, game show style quiz about road safety and sustainable travel.

Primary school pupils aged between 7 and 11 have been playing the quiz, which is running in a number of primary schools throughout South Gloucestershire this week.

The Game of Chance is an exciting, fun and highly interactive game show, which features a large gameboard and dice. It’s a fun and exciting quiz that aims to engage children in thinking about sustainable travel, health and the environment, and road safety.

The school children are put in to teams and are challenged to answer questions and take part in scenarios played out by actors to earn health points to ultimately get home safely. Using four different modes of transport, the contestants encounter a multitude of scenarios, choices and random chance events on their travels. Their knowledge is then tested during a final buzzer round when the contestants have to demonstrate what they’ve learnt and how many health points they have earned.

Pam Williams, road safety officer at South Gloucestershire Council, said:

“The Game of Chance is a fantastic interactive presentation that really makes young people think about the way they travel and the effects this has on their safety and the environment. Throughout the quiz, key messages were given to the young people to help keep them thinking about road safety and also to encourage them to think about the health and environmental benefits when planning a journey.”

The Game of Chance is part of a programme of activities organised by South Gloucestershire Council road safety team and funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) to encourage active travel. The presentation is delivered by programme leaders from the Tiny Giants theatre company.

Pupils at St Chad’s Primary School in Stoke Lodge are due to see the show tomorrow (Wednesday 15th July).

Find out more about the work of the road safety team by visiting

Photo: Pupils at Stoke Lodge take part in the Game of Chance.

Source: Press release from South Gloucestershire Council.

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Meadowbrook pupils march for road safety

Posted on Wednesday 8th July 2015 at 6:22 pm by SH (Editor)

The Giant Walk at Meadowbrook Primary School, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Pupils from Bradley Stoke’s Meadowbrook Primary School joined over 100,000 children across the UK taking to the streets on 10th June as part of the Giant Walk.

Organised by road safety charity Brake and sponsored by Brantano, the initiative aims to get children walking and highlights the importance of road safety in helping them lead active, healthy lives.

Schools taking part get their pupils to walk (in a crocodile of supervised kids, holding hands on safe pavements, or around the school grounds) which gives children a voice, helping them tell drivers to slow down and look out for people on foot.

Across the country, children walked a combined total of over 60,000 miles, learning about road safety and calling on drivers to ‘GO 20’ within local communities, in order to make streets safer for walking and cycling.

To coincide with the event, Brake revealed survey results that show the biggest factors stopping parents letting kids walk and cycle to school are not time or inconvenience, but the dangers of fast traffic and a lack of safe routes.

Kerry Trotman, class teacher and travel ambassador at Meadowbrook, said:

“We’re delighted to be taking part in Brake’s Giant Walk. It’s a fantastic opportunity for kids to make their voices heard and promote road safety to children, parents and local drivers. Our pupils enjoyed marching and shouting out loud about the importance of drivers slowing down in our community, so families can enjoy a healthy, fun, active lifestyle without being endangered.”

Jack Lopresti, MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke, said:

“This is a fantastic way of getting children walking to school and helping them understand the importance of road safety. Walking means better health and less congestion and I am happy to support this initiative. I am also pleased that the government is taking action to boost walking by providing £1 million to encourage more children to walk to school and making it easier for councils to introduce 20mph zones.”

• For advice about encouraging children to walk or cycle to school, visit

More: Photo of the Meadowbrook Travel Crew »

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[Forum] Accident waiting to happen at Savages Wood Road pedestrian crossing?

Posted on Sunday 24th March 2013 at 8:10 pm by AverageJoe (Forum)

Pedestrian crossing on Savages Wood Road, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Having recently nearly been run over along with my pregnant girlfriend, I am motivated to post here to see if others have also had a near miss.

I was waiting with my girlfriend at the crossing at about 7:30pm (opposite side to Tesco), I pressed the button, and the usual amber red sequence happened. Genuinely, there were no cars in sight when I pressed the lights and if anyone knows the crossing they will know it changes almost instantly. It was on red for about a second and due to both the time and because I was with someone I thought nothing of looking to her before crossing. As I put one foot forward I caught a cars headlights in my right eye and put my arm out to stop my girlfriend from crossing. There would have been no visibility for her as I was on her right starting to cross. The car was travelling at above average speed and showed no signs of slowing whatsoever.

I have noticed more drivers are speeding off the roundabout and racing along Savages Road and trying to beat the lights at the crossing or avoiding looking altogether. It is very common to go through on amber but also on red now. This happens during daylight and night hours. I had only commented a week before that it’s an accident waiting to happen and I didn’t think it might be us!

A retirement complex has been built right next to the crossing and it’s frequently used by children to the primary or secondary.

I have been a Bradley Stoke resident for over ten years and have noticed the volume of traffic increase year on year. However, it’s the desperate or insane need to get to shops at any speed in ignorance of lights which is of concern.

If you have had a similar experience please post on here as the crossing should be upgraded to a puffin type now at a minimum but I’m not sure how to stop the dangerous driving. Ideas welcome.


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