Manor Farm residents call Neighbourhood Watch meeting to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour

Manor Farm Crescent Police MeetingResidents of Manor Farm Crescent and neighbouring streets, concerned about an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour in the area, have called a meeting to consider the formation of a Neighbourhood Watch group.

The move follows a “walk through” meeting held last month at which local police and representatives of South Gloucestershire Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team discussed residents’ concerns and outlined measures that could be taken to address the problems.

Anti-Social Behaviour Warning NoticeIncidents of anti-social behaviour in the area have increased significantly since a new pedestrian access point into Bradley Stoke’s new town centre from the end of Manor Farm Crescent was opened earlier this year. Recent events have included the torching of a stolen moped, burglaries and an incident of indecent exposure.

A majority of the residents who attended October’s street meeting called for the new access point to be sealed off, despite the inconvenience that this would cause them by increasing the distance they would need to travel in order to reach the new town centre.

Bradley Stoke and South Gloucestershire Councillor Jon Williams, who also attended the meeting, explained that planners had wished the new town centre be “permeable” [for pedestrians and cyclists] but said he wouldn’t personally object to closure of the access point and would pass residents’ views on to the District Council.

Police Sergeant Clive Johnson told the group that he would be meeting with the management of the Willow Brook Centre to discuss the matter further.

The residents’ Neighbourhood Watch meeting takes place on Monday 10th November at 8pm. Further details (including the venue, which we have been asked not to publish) may be obtained by email from: or via The Journal’s ‘Contact Us‘ form (please include your name, address and telephone number in your message).

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