Suspected car thief arrested in Bradley Stoke

PCSO Kirsty FlickerPCSO John HitchingsThe work of two local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) has led to a man being detained on suspicion of thefts from cars in Bradley Stoke and Stoke Gifford.

PCSOs Kirsty Flicker and John Hitchings were on a routine patrol on Tuesday (25th November) when they were given details of a man who had been seen acting suspiciously around cars.

The PCSOs immediately passed on the information to regular officer colleagues, and a plain clothes unit was dispatched.

Police officers subsequently arrested a 32-year-old man in a car park in Bradley Stoke.

The suspect was scheduled to appear yesterday (27th November) at North Avon Magistrates Court to face two charges of theft from a motor vehicle, one charge of attempted theft from a motor vehicle, one charge of going equipped to steal and one of handling stolen goods.

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