Construction of BSCS sixth form centre gets underway

Thomas Vale Construction

Construction of the new post-16 (sixth form) centre at Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS) is now underway, with completion expected by May next year.

Contractors Thomas Vale Construction moved onto the site just days after the school term finished at the end of July and they have now fenced off an area at the southern end of the existing school building, where the new facility is being built.

Deputy Headteacher Jenny Sutton Kirby told a recent meeting of the Bradley Stoke Safer & Stronger Community Group that the school wants the new centre to be “as integrated as possible with the local community”. This will be achieved by offering students “enrichment opportunities” to complement their academic work, she added.

BSCS Sixth Form

The sixth form centre will cater for up to 200 students in the 16-19 age group, drawn mainly from feeder schools in the ‘Group 3’ collective (BSCS, Patchway Community College and Filton High School). There will also be cooperation with other members of the Concorde Partnership, a larger conglomeration of schools that also includes Castle School, Marlwood School, New Siblands Special School and Filton College.

Ms Sutton Kirby said that the school plans to appoint a “post-16 council” that will include student representatives. Issues yet to be agreed include the definition of “responsibilities, privileges and opportunities” and the dress code for students attending the new centre.

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