Council staff to take questions on bus rapid transit proposals

Rapid Transit BusStaff from South Gloucestershire Council will be manning an exhibition of proposals for a bus rapid transit system in Bradley Stoke this weekend.

The exhibition, part of the public consultation on the “North Fringe to Hengrove Packge”, takes place tomorrow (Saturday 5th December)  between 9am and 12 noon at Bradley Stoke Library.

Information published on the website of the West of England Partnership website suggests that a dedicated rapid transit bus lane could be constructed along the full length of Bradley Stoke Way:

In Bradley Stoke, it is likely that the rapid transit would make use of the land reservations already in place along Bradley Stoke Way.

The statement is believed to refer to the strip of undeveloped land along the north-east side of the road that was previously foreseen for a tram system – until a spat between South Gloucestershire Council and Bristol City Council put an end to the plans some years ago.

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