Consultation opens on legal notice for Parkway North park and ride

South Gloucestershire Council has opened a public consultation on the statutory notice required to allow off-street parking at a new park and ride facility near Bristol Parkway station.

The car park will comprise 200 spaces and be available between 5:30am and midnight. The maximum stay duration will be 18.5 hours.

There will be a fixed fee for use of the car park of £5 per day, Monday to Friday (inclusive) – reduced to £3 per day on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

The consultation runs until Thursday 11th November 2010.

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  1. The idea of a Park & Ride is to put it on the outskirts of town, load the people on the bus and then quickly speed them into the city centre down the bus lanes.
    If you park in this one, you will be at least 20 minutes before you get to the M32.
    Wrong Place, waste of time and money